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Unigraphics Users

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    I am trying to figure out who uses Unigraphics in Ireland. this package is not as popular as some.

    I use NX in Depuy Cork for Cad-Cam.


  • I've just started using it with Renishaw in Dublin for about 3 weeks. First week or two I was tearing my hair out. Not user friendly in the slightest and my computer hadn't access to the help files til last week. How do you find it?

  • I have been using for 5 years so I am used to its quirks.
    I migrated to UG from Pro-E and found the entire process incredibly painful. All users in Depuy are trained on-line at This is ok if you have an expert user to lean on from time to time.

    I use Modelling, Drafting & Manufacturing modules along with post builder. I have also dabbled with FEA.

  • I started using it recently, so far it hasnt presented any problems. I find its more like solidworks than proe.