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Lock pros/cons?

  • 26-09-2010 11:56pm
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    hi there,

    i had a question about locks. I know it's been asked before, but i see the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U-lock being recommended. Could anyone explain why these are more durable? I was under the impression U-locks were fairly flimsy. Also, would the longer version be less safe than the mini?

    My bike was just stolen :( I had this kind of lock more-ore less
    Which i think actually had a anti-theft guarantee[or theft guarantee!!] which obviously wasn't valid in ireland, but still, i thought that was fairly convincing - was i naive?! Also, it was the one the guy in the shop in rathgar recommended. It was €60, and i had one like it before that the key got stuck in that i had to cut off myself with an angle grinder/saw thing which took about 20 minutes and was not quiet!!

    Should i be going for the U-lock next time? the other type just seems more robust to me, but obviously it was not!

    any help appreciated :)


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    Good u-locks are far from flimsy. Cable locks are the ones you should avoid -- or at least avoid using as your primary lock.

    The Fahgettaboudit is an excellent lock, but it is heavy, expensive, can't be easily frame-mounted, and can't fit around some street furniture. It's my primary lock, all the same, as I don't find any of these shortcomings relevant.

    Some useful information here:

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    For the most part, lock security is defined as resistance against hand tools. This is because no lock will resist power tools for more than a few seconds, and it isn't in the interests of the manufacturers or the parasitical symbiotic magazine reviewers to draw attention to this.

    In this context, the main vulnerability of u-locks is being prised open with a bottle jack. This requires space inside the shackle, of which there is less with a smaller (mini) u-lock. Regardless of shackle size, if you fill it with bike + pole then there's no space for a jack.

    Cable locks and most chains are vulnerable to snipping with bolt croppers, which are cheap and quick to use.

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    thank you both, that does actually clarify it for me! hopefully it won't happen again!

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    Use two (decent) locks - one U lock and one cable lock. Few thieves will carry both tools required to remove both locks.