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Everything Everything


  • I was gonna point to the thread I started on them a few days ago, but I wont cos its good to see someone else who likes them :P

    I really like the album, it's unusual for a band to have songs and videos out way before their album, I remember hearing Suffragette Suffragette about 2 years ago. There's a really awesome version of 'Come Alive Diana' they performed on a local Manchester tv station called Channel M about 18 months ago, it's a bit different from the album version, it contains a very short but fast rap from the lead singer that sounds fantastic, I was disappointed they cut it from the album version. Unfortunately it looks as if that video has been taken down.

    They also have 2 videos for 'MY KZ, UR BF', I like the earlier one though, the one the OP posted.

    Great album, hope they get some recognition defintiely.

  • I only discovered these guys the other day (purely by chance, whilst reading the comments to a review of Hurts' album), and am hooked. The album's pretty good, though suffers a bit from tapering off in quality as it goes along. "MY KZ, UR BF" is quality stuff though, ridiculously addictive and a cracking tune. "Photoshop Handsome" and "Schoolin'" are pretty good too.

  • I only came across this band through someone posting a link in the "Share a new song" thread, where they posted MY KZ UR BF.

    I really loved it when I first heard it and I kept on going back to listen to it time after time. I managed to get a hold of the album and i'm also impressed by it. I'm really loving Come Alive Diana and Suffragette Suffragette as well. There's some decent songs on there as well, and hopefully they get a bit of coverage and will be touring around the place in the near future!

  • Saw them on Jools, really like My Keys, Your Boyfriend, addictive tune!

  • Song from the new album. They've been hinting at it with clues the last few weeks and it was well worth the wait. Absolutely superb song and really looking forward to the album, not out till January I think though. 'Man Alive' was one of my most listened to albums of the last two years.

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  • Just heard that new song there, they always manage to write really catchy choruses! Only got into them after I saw them support Snow Patrol but glad I did.

  • I've listened to "Man Alive" to death so it's great to hear they've new material coming soon! Cough Cough is a winner, really enjoying it - Everything Everything can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • sounds well!

  • So...'Arc' is out and it's absolutely superb. Been playing it non stop for a good few days now. There isn't really a bad song on it at all. Some of the production on it is some of the best you'll hear all year. 'Duet' is superb and the melody is completely infectious, however the track that I'm sure will become a festival favourite is 'Radiant', has single written all over it. 'Undrowned' is a stunning track that shows their inventiveness off superbly.

    From start to finish it's an outstanding album, lyrically it holds up really well and some of them stick in your head, "I've seen more towers come down than children grow up" from The Peaks, which is a stand out track on the record. As the first album I've physically bought in about a year, it sounds beautiful in proper quality.

    Highly recommend checking it out.

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  • It's a great album, been listening to it all week. Really want to see them in Whelans but it's sold out:(

  • It's a great album, been listening to it all week. Really want to see them in Whelans but it's sold out:(

    Managed to get tickets for it fortunately. Going to a few gigs this year but really looking forward to seeing them.

  • It's a great album, been listening to it all week. Really want to see them in Whelans but it's sold out:(

    Try Toutless, often got a ticket for bands 2 hours before gig (Pixies 2009 in Olympia)

  • They're back! New song was played on Zane Lowe's show tonight and it's great. Will sound fantastic live too. Jonathan's wordplay is fecking brilliant.

    Their live shows here were some of the most enjoyable of any I attended the last 2 or 3 years.

    New album 'Get To Heaven' is out 15th June.


    1. To The Blade
    2. Distant Past
    3. Get To Heaven
    4. Regret
    5. Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread
    6. The Wheel (Is Turning Now)
    7. Fortune 500
    8. Blast Doors
    9. Zero Pharoah
    10. No Reptiles
    11. Warm Healer

  • For anybody following the new album, the 2nd song from 'Get to Heaven' premiered on radio few weeks ago. Very much looking forward to it, the new songs will sound great live.

  • So the album is 'out' and it's an absolute belter. It's been getting tremendous reviews the last 2 weeks so been eager to hear it and definitely not disappointed. The creativity on the album is ridiculous, the ability to change the sound from song to song is sublime. Johnathan's lyrics are tremendous as well, on songs like 'No Reptiles' especially. That track will go down in their folklore no matter what they do from now on. 'Fortune 500' is one of the best tracks I've heard this year, the lyric timing and beat are infectious. 'Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread' would be pure bubblegum pop in anyone else's hands but they have made it work fantastically with the arrangement.

    One of the best bands out there at the moment.