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Two weirdish Rayleigh PDFs - final answer close but no cigar - any help?

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 4 EngNotMathDude

    Howsit All

    I am currently working on a paper describing a space diversity (MRC) transmission system, that describes the effect of estimation error and cochannel interferences on bit error rate.

    Right now, I need to replicate the work and derive the final PDF, the product of two modified Rayleigh PDFs. I have, in true engineering style, bludgeoned my way step by tortorous step towards the answer and come up slightly short. The terms are correct, but differ in two cases with regards to the exponents. Basically, i almost have this damn thing.

    What I would be very grateful for is if someone more talented than I might please take a squiz at my work, pretty much the last bit of it I reckon, and point out to me where I went wrong (If at all)

    The math is attached, if anyone is interested in the application, the paper is available too.

    many thanks


  • Uh...I should mention that i have ascertained that there is no problem with me getting assistance on this forum,I have in fact awaiting input from my supervisor on the solution for a while, but he is genuinely busy enough for me to feel that this is my problem. i'd also like to look good......

    I will be sure to acknowledge your input in the end product, and while a straight out solution would be rosy, I am really looking for direction here on what i am missing

    thanks all

  • why dont you try working this out for the non-modified rayleigh function case first, if you can solve that then you should get the modified version.

    I'm not surprised your superviser hasnt come back in a while either. That looks nasty!

    you seem to be mixing discrete and continuous too