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AutoCad 3D

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    Registered Users Posts: 35 ✭✭✭ mikeyj

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone know of any good tutorials on using Autocad 3d. I am good at autocad as it is but need to learn 3d from scratch!! It would be mainly in relation to house design. I'm using sketchup at the mo which is fine but the detail is poor imo.

    Is autocad 3d the way to go for sharp and realistic looking 3d's for houses or is there a better program?


  • Autocad wouldn't generally be considered top of the list in terms of 3D presentation mikeyj. Sketchup is probably better in fact in terms of easily produced models for presentation to clients. More advanced programs like 3DS Max, Archicad and Revit (which is an auotdesk product and therefore compatible with Autocad) are normally used for producing more advanced 3D models

  • Autocad Architecture is fully 3d, It's not up there with 3d Max yet regarding Photo realistic rendering but is still a good presentation tool over sketch -up

  • AutoCAD architecture is the same 3D engine and render process that regular autocad had.

    And saying its not up there YET is silly. It never will be, they are both made my autodesk, one if for 2d one is for 3d.

    OP, the best option for you at this stage is using sketch-up, then exporting to another program for rnfering, or even using a sketch-up plug in render engine. There are a nu,ber of free ones via the google sketch up site. Rhino is one of the best.