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CHARTER (You MUST read this before posting)

  • 18-08-2010 7:04pm
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    Roads Forum Charter

    What goes into the Roads forum?

    Basically, anything road-related, from boreens to motorways, including:

    • Planned schemes
    • Repair works
    • Fantasy road designs
    • Objections to, or support for, specific road projects
    • Numbering schemes
    • The NRA
    • Scenic routes
    • Mapping
    • Roadside art
    • Road History
    • Landscaping
    • Signage
    • Road trivia
    Topics related to short-term traffic disruption, the rules of the road and public transport queries are better suited to the Commuting & Transport forum. The suitability of road safety threads to this forum will be decided on by the mods on a case by case basis.)

    A quick look at the Road Index Thread, which contains links to threads about all roads discussed on this forum, may help you to find information on a specific topic.

    An archive thread, which contains links to several (closed) extensive photo threads dealing with the construction of major road and motorway projects, is linked to here.

    Road announcements (subject to advertising / spam rules), general discussion (serious and not so serious) and relevant humour are all welcome. A thread for off-topic discussion can be found here.

    Some posters will be over-zealous about their preferred means of, or reason for, putting specific infrastructure in place. If you make a particular statement for or against a particular means of, or reason for, putting specific infrastructure in place, you should be willing to back it up.

    If you have anything to add, or any suggestions, please, feel free to post it here.


    1) Disruptive posting and general muppetry, including text-speak, trolling, baiting, flaming, spamming, back-seat modding and bad language, is not permitted.

    2) Moderator decisions may not be discussed, queried, challenged or disputed in a thread. If you have an issue with any moderator decisions, in the first instance send a Private Message (PM) to the moderator in question. If the outcome of this action is not to your satisfaction, your next port of call should be the Category Mods. If you are still not satisfied, take your issue to the Help Desk.

    3) Attack the post, not the poster. Insults about or directed towards other posters will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with any particular post or thread, hit the report (report.gif) button.

    4) Threads which are started to discuss individual posters are not permitted.

    5) Threads which are deemed to be generating more heat than light will be closed.

    6) Soapboxing, i.e. the constant repetition of a single viewpoint while refusing to entertain discussion or correction on it, is both disruptive and annoying, and will not be tolerated.

    7) The Roads forum uses the tagging system to categorize its threads in an orderly way. Abuse of the tagging system, therefore, constitutes disruptive behaviour and may earn you a ban.

    8) In general, a breach of rules 1, 2 or 3 = Infraction + two-week ban.

    9) Abusive PMs sent to moderators in response to a warning/infraction/temporary ban will result in you receiving a permanent ban.

    10) Your participation in this forum means that you agree to accept and follow all of the above stipulations. Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in you being infracted or having your access restricted.

    Posting Articles

    We welcome the posting of newspaper articles relating to Infrastructure. If you are going to post either a quote from an article or the entire article, you must provide the link to it. Also, make sure to put the article in quote tags. Second, if you're going to start a thread based on an article, please put (Article) in the thread title.

    The Mods
    The Mods are: Tech3, dubhthach and BluntGuy. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or problems.

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