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Is a third film due out any time soon?

  • 06-08-2010 1:54pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 21 onekoolkat

    Hope someone can fill me in...


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    (sorry couldn't resist, it's still shooting right now.)

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    Know a few on j1 in chicago and they were on the set there about 3 weeks ago. said they were doing a load of explosions and stuff. dunno when its due to be released

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    Want to add spoiler tags to that?

    I didn't know there were going to be explosions in Transformers 3.

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    onekoolkat wrote: »
    Hope someone can fill me in...

    July 1st 2011, Wikipedia is pretty solid with backing up the information they have on this film so far so you should check them out

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    Cant find the original but this'll have to do