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StarCraft Forum - Charter *UPDATED 23/02/2011

  • 30-07-2010 1:35pm
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    Ok, here's the first rev of the charter.

    Any feedback on it, please PM one of the mods.

    Keep it civil

    Usual rules, no trolling, flaming, trying to get a rise out of people.

    This forum attracts all age levels of users. keep the language to a minimum. anything offensive will be removed and the poster warned. repeat offenders will receive an infraction or will be banned.

    No discussion of anything illegal

    Since this is a gaming forum, there will be ZERO discussion regarding game hacks, where to source these hacks or how to use them. ANY discussion on these will result in a long ban from this forum.

    Problem with posts/posters

    If you have a problem with a post or a poster, use the Report Post button (the little red triangle) and let the moderators deal with it. Back seat moderating is not tolerated.

    There is a new dispute resolution procedure in place. If you feel you that have been banned unfairly, please follow the complaints procedure as outlined in this thread

    The Mods.


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    It is now mandatory to use spoiler tags when discussing results from games from ALL competitions.

    IF you do not agree with this, then do NOT post.

    some people like to read threads on these events but have not yet had a chance to watch the games.
    by using spoiler tags, this allows everyone to discuss all matters of these games without reading something that will ruin it for them.

    example: this thread.

    Since this issue has arrisen before, this seems the only way forward.

    to use a spoiler tag, simply put
    your text in here that you want hidden[/spoiler.]
    * remove the . at the end of the last spolier, and this happens
    your text in here that you want hidden

    anyone who does not use spoilers will be warned, infracted or banned.

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