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Irish government to blocks EU data transfer to Israel.

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    It is not too often that I can commend the Government but i give them thumbs up on this one.

    "The Government has moved to block a European Commission initiative to allow the transfer to Israel and storage there of sensitive personal data on European citizens

    he intervention by Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern reflects “profound concern” over transfers being made following the use of eight fake Irish passports by the alleged Israeli assassins of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

    Giving access to digital information to the Israeli authorities is a dodgy business, considering the fact that they can and will use it towards falsifying passports etc.

    Fair play to the Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern for bringing this subject to light.


  • On the same subject of "personal data on European citizens" and its protection from access by unauthorised persons, I found this report (August 8th 2011) to be very disturbing ... in the extreme ....
    Google has admitted complying with requests from US intelligence agencies for data stored in its European data centers, most likely in violation of European Union data protection laws.
    At the center of this problem is the USA PATRIOT ACT, which states that companies incorporated in the United States must hand over data administered by their foreign subsidiaries if requested.
    This situation poses a serious problem for companies like Microsoft, Google or Amazon, which offer cloud services around the world, because their subsidiaries must also respect local laws.

    Even more disturbing is a statement in the comments ....
    And by the way - it isn't just US companies that have to comply with the US legal system. It is every company that has a significant local representation in the US. So also a Swedish, German, Swiss, Italian etc Service provider that hosts data exclusively in Europe is subject to the Patriot Act and will have to handover data if demanded by the US Government. It isn't wild-west though - it requires quite a lot of legal work on the US side. The amount of legal requests is laid open by the US and it is lower than most other countries and comparable to Germany for example.

    Standard Disclaimer: I am the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Switzerland and blog at The opinion expressed here is mine and does not necessarely reflect the opinion of Microsoft.