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battle of at tiri.

  • 08-07-2010 12:38am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 116 ✭✭ private2bcadet

    ok, the battle of at tiri. another one of the many unkown about battles/conflicts the irish defence forces were involved in while peacekeeping.

    im a member of the reserves, and have a HUGE interest in the irish DF, particularaly its history. as im studying history in nuig.

    but i just cant find any reliable sources... (probably as the irish DF dont glorify war, because we exist to stop it),.. i just cant find anything about the battle of at tiri that seams reliable! and i dont know anyone that was on unifil at that time.

    anyone have any form of info on what happened there, please fly it my way.
    and explain where the info came from.

    from the mixed up muck i have read on the internet, im not sure how the incident started, but it seams like the IDF and DFF started the incident, and were offensive against the unifil lads. i have also found out that an irish aml-90 engaged a DFF halftrack and destroyed it.

    anyway, as you can see, i dont have all the info, and some of it may be off.

    so as i said, fly it my way ;)

    thanks! P2bC


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 13 don18

    my dad fought at the battle of tiri

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 116 ✭✭ private2bcadet

    don18 wrote: »
    my dad fought at the battle of tiri

    any info?

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,504 ✭✭✭ tac foley

    Sir - I assume you mean AT-Tiri?

    The second post is the log of the incident.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 116 ✭✭ private2bcadet

    tac foley wrote: »
    Sir - I assume you mean AT-Tiri?

    The second post is the log of the incident.


    ahhh very good, thank you very much

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 stef8348

    I fought In the battle of At-Tire

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  • Registered Users Posts: 12,248 ✭✭✭✭ BoJack Horseman

    Interesting reading about this incident.

    Regarding the subsequent trial of the man who killed 2 Irish soldiers
    hmoud Bazzi, the brother of Massoud Bazzi, who had been killed in Battle of At Tiri, who was also member of the SLA, is the primary suspect in the murders. Shortly after the incident, he openly admitted to killing Barrett and Smallhorne on Lebanese television and claimed he did so to avenge his brother, but later retracted his statements, claiming his commander had forced him. In 1994, he was granted asylum in the United States, and worked as an ice cream vendor in Dearborn, Michigan.[9][10]
    U.S. authorities interviewed one of the journalists involved and O'Mahony, and expressed their willingness to testify against Bazzi, but claimed that they did not hear anything more from the authorities for years. Bazzi was also interviewed by officials. In 2013, he applied for U.S. citizenship, but the application stalled when the investigation picked up.[5]
    In July 2014, Bazzi was arrested for "administrative immigration violations" by US federal agents at his Dearborn home. He was alleged to have entered the United States on a false passport. Friends and relatives of Privates Barrett and Smallhorne had been seeking his deportation to Lebanon to face war crimes charges.[8] In August 2014, Bazzi confessed to immigration fraud and agreed to be deported to Lebanon.[11]
    In late 2015, Mahmoud Bazzi was arrested and put on trial before a Beirut military court with a seven-judge panel. John O'Mahony gave evidence during the trial, and positively identified Bazzi as the man who shot him and led Barrett and Smallhorne away. He was protected at all times by a Close Protection Team from the Irish Army Ranger Wing.[12] The trial was adjourned until April 2016.

    Does anyone know the result of this?

    I can't find anything form this year.

  • Registered Users Posts: 398 ✭✭ DanMurphy

    don18 wrote: »
    my dad fought at the battle of tiri

    I came across a poem today about Lebanon and copied this verse for your Dad, and the other lads who fought there.

    'Do you remember old AT Tiri?
    Near where Hill 880 rose,
    Where Haddad's men took on the Irish,
    But they received a bloody nose...'