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Early humans ate hippos, crocodiles, turtles....


  • Homo heidelbergensis ate the European cave lion (Panthera leo fossilis), a larger relatve of the modern African lion, new evidence has shown. It is unclear whe the they killed the lion themselves or merely scavenged the corpse.
    Read more here.

  • Wheras it would be difficult and extremely dangerous to hunt lion with spears,poisoned arrows or deadfall traps could be used.
    Certainly Native American indians used heavy deadfalls to kill bear,elk,bobcats and mountain lions.

  • Don't forget we used to eat other hominids and ourselves.

    And with the exception of Africa where animals evolved with us a lot of the megafauna in other parts of the world went extinct at about the same time we arrived.

    Also I find it amazing that Gelada Baboons can actually eat grass !

    If we want to use retroviruses to add genes to ourselves ... or it may be as easy as changing our internal flora.

  • With a diet of hippo no wonder death was young in humans :eek:

    Very interesting Galvasean:cool: