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Ancient Beast Found Mating Tricky

  • 21-05-2010 12:52pm
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    Typothorax was a strange creature that lived alongside the earliest dinosaurs. In life it would have looked like a cross between a crocodile, a cow and an armadillo covered in nasty spikes. So well armoured was it, that it even had special spikes to protect it's genitals!
    The two new Typothorax specimens, found by volunteers Paul Sealey and Scott Sucher in the New Mexico Badlands, show that the bodies of these animals were completely encased from head to toe in bony armor. One surprise discovery was that sharp spikes surrounded the cloaca (the cavity into which the intestinal, genital and urinary tracts open).

    Given the arrangement of these spikes, how then did these animals mate?

    "Very carefully," said Celeskey. "Or maybe not. Perhaps the spikes were just what they needed to get things going. The truth is we don't know exactly how the cloacal spikes would have affected mating, although I'm confident that two consenting Typothorax would have been able to figure it out."

    Full article here.

    Illustration by Matt Celeskey


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    From the thread title I thought it was about Twink!