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Upcoming Races in 2010


  • I've created a website ( that lists running/multisport and other endurance events in Ireland. It allows you to select a location close to you, and find events within a certain distance. Note that it's "as the crow flies", so races will be further away than you expect.

    It's free to use and will only be useful long term if it has the races listed, so you're encouraged to add any missing events. You most likely won't need to create an account to add events, as you can use a login you have already from others such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo.

    Hope you find it useful.

    p.s. It looks terrible with Internet Explorer 6, so avoid that if you can :-)


    For international races, as brought to our attention by the jet-setting BeepBeep67. And remember, for every one of these you fly to, a hippie dies:pac:

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