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EGAR information and advice afternoon

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    EGAR was kindly invited by Pet World, Terryland Industrial Estate, Headford Road, Galway City, to hold an information and advice afternoon at their shop on Saturday the 15th of May! So come along and meet some of the EGAR dogs, to have a chat or to get advice on your dog or how to adopt a dog etc pp. Also promoting responsible ownership, information on restricted breeds!

    It will start roughly at about 12 but I will confirm this early next week!

    So please spread the word if you are in Galway or surrounds!

    Bailey will be there - will you??



  • Bailey is sooo cute! Wont be in galway that weekend unfortunately but please let me know if this is going to be a regular thing!

  • OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE PAWS!!!! I just want to kiss them! and her little belly! Im in love!!!!!! (wont be in Galway, but best of luck!!)

  • Thank you both! If the 15th is a success then it could be a bi-monthly event. I am very much looking forward to it!

  • Just to confirm the time: it will start at 12 o'clock and will go for as long as there is interest :).

  • Hope it goes really well for you . EGAR.. Will be thinking of you as I man our stall...

    Blessings and peace

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  • 30425_405469545888_169411475888_4180289_7676436_n.jpg

    Left to right: David, Mona, Catherine. On the floor ;) ickle Bailey and Claire :).

    We have raised 200 Euros in the 3 hours we were there!!!! Spoken with lots of peeps. I am delighted with that and we have an invitation to come back in a few weeks time! Bailey happily chewed his pig's ear and had lots of admirers and I already had queries re the dogs! Geraldine also gave me 4 bags of rawhide chews for the doglets :)!!

    Many many thanks to David, Catherine, Claire and Mona :). Also to Geraldine from Pet World who invited us!