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2 yr old stammering is it normal??

  • 03-05-2010 4:10pm
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    hi my 2 1/2 year old started stammering all of a sudden a few weeks ago, until then he spoke "perfectly" for want of a better word to describe how a 2 year old speaks! Is it normal-ish for that to happen? noone in either family stammers and my first son never did either.

    It seems a bit odd that overnight he'd start doing it! most of the time he speaks fine but the odd time he'll start the I -I -I -I W-W-Want a drink kinda thing and sometimes run out of breathe and have to start again.

    i try not to rush him or finish his sentences for him and i just repeat back to him what hes said after hes finished saying it, but im wondering how long i should let it go on without speaking to a doctor or health proffessional about it.

    Has anyone any experience of this or is this how a permanent stammer would start off?

    any replies would be greatly appreciated!


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    i have a stammer - worst thing you can do, is finish his sentences or show concern. It is most likely a phase, but reaction surrounding his stammer could prolong it. The psychological side of a stammer stems from fear of speaking and others finding it and acknowledging its different or wrong! If your really concerned talk to a professional, if not let him be, monitor without showing him you are. its more than likely just a phrase, thats will pass him.

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    This is a normal period of disfluency. A lot of children go through this as their language is developing. It usually passes within a few weeks or months.
    So to be honest I'd give it another few weeks and it'll most likely go of it's own accord.

    React normally, don't frown or show concern in your face as he speaks. Just give him plenty of time to speak and show you are interested in what he says. Don't correct him on it, don't ask him slow down or speak properly or repeat it or any of those things. And tell others who spend time with him to refrain from doing those things either.

    Both my children went through this (my son went through 2 episodes - at around 2.5yrs and again aged 4yrs) and came out of it with normal speech after a few weeks.

    There is some good advice here:

    Or the Irish Stammering Association has some advice for parents on their website.

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    I'll echo the above posters, it may be a phase and pass in a few weeks. Keep a close eye on it though as early intervention is very important if it continues for a long period of time. If you are concerned get advice from a GP.
    Best of luck!

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    thanks for al the replies. at least im doing the right thing and not rushing him telling him to slow down or anything like that, feel a bit relieved about that! will keep a wee eye on him and see how he goes. thanks again x