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Giant Dinos Head For The Hills

  • 28-04-2010 11:46am
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    It would seem that titanosaurs like Argentinosaurus and Alamosaurus were the SUVs of their day, capable of taking on any terrain, even mountains!
    palaeontologists Philip Mannion and Paul Upchurch at University College London found that inland and mountain-dwelling titanosaurs had a wider legged stance than coastal dwelling sauropods.

    Mannion told the news service Planet Earth that 'their wider stance perhaps benefits walking in irregular terrain."

    Titanosaurs also sometimes possessed body amour and teeth different from those of other dinosaurs.

    He and Upchurch first started to look at sauropods, wondering if these dinosaurs lived in different habitats. The scientists put together a 2500-entry database containing all known worldwide occurrences of sauropods.

    The researchers then decided to focus on titanosaurs because, in part, the geological properties of rocks where such dinosaur fossils are found provide good clues as to where the titanosaurs lived. The researchers determined that "titanosaurs preferred inland habitats, for example lake and river environments or mountainous areas with irregular terrain."

    Full article here.

    Paralititan from the TV show Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt