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Where can I go with a Geography degree

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    I got accepted to do a Geography degree from a very good University. On the open day I asked the lecture what kind of masters can could I do when finished. She laughed and said "lets not get ahead of ourselves" :rolleyes:

    I genuinely wanted to know if I could do something like a MA in Economics with it. Maybe I'd have to do some additional maths courses? What options are open when I finish my wise or further study wise

    I love Geography, but I know I don't want to be located in Morocco for 3 years researching or working for some company. I would like to be based in a City in Europe. What options are there?

    Cheers ;)


  • "Lets not get ahead of ourselves" Believe it or not, she was right. You can do a load of things with a Geography degree. I know people that have gone into law, environmental engineering, environmental forensics, some have become ecologists, others have gone teaching, town planning, HR etc... it's the only degree where you can go from arts to science without too much of a traumatic transition.
    I'm doing an MSc in Environmental Science after a BA in Geography, but the most popular area (professionally anyway) has always been 'town' planning. Why do you say "located in Morocco for three years researching"? You never know where you could go with it, that's the beauty of it! Besides, concentrate on getting through the undergrad first, worry about the postgrads in final year.