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Nathan Fillion Article

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    Nathan Fillion has credited Joss Whedon for "single-handedly" changing the direction of his career.
    The Canadian actor starred as Caleb in the final series of Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer and in the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in his sci-fi show Firefly.
    Fillion told Metro of Whedon: "He's the one who took me from being cast as the main guy's brother or best friend or the main girl's ex-boyfriend and gave me lead roles.
    "Until someone gives you that opportunity, people are reluctant to cast you as the lead. He was the first person to cast me as a villain, in Buffy, and in a lead role, on Firefly, then as the lead in a motion picture on the Firefly movie I]Serenity[/I. He's single-handedly done more for me than anyone else in Los Angeles."
    When asked if the fans of Whedon's shows were 'kooky', Fillion said: "No, they're level-headed and intelligent and passionate about the shows.
    "I was on a daytime soap opera and that attracted kooky fans, people who were reluctant to draw a line between fantasy and reality. They didn't want to know my name was Nathan, they wanted to pretend I was really Joey."
    Fillion currently stars in the title role of Richard Castle in ABC's Castle, which premieres in the UK tonight at 9pm on Alibi and has reportedly been renewed for a third season in the US.