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Need a lil' help

  • 29-03-2010 12:44am
    Registered Users Posts: 4,403 ✭✭✭ SpitfireIV

    Hi guys!

    Just wondering if any of you fine people could help me, offer some info, or advice, or whatever you feel appropriate! :)

    Here's my question! I was planning on heading West as some stage over the summer, maybe over to the Aran Islands, see some parts of Galway, Mayo etc off the beaten track.

    Then this idea came into my head, ok, so I work a lot with wood, doing craft, furniture etc etc (check out my facebook link in sig.) and I thought 'hmmm, I wonder if there'd be any crafts people, crafts workshops etc etc in that part of the world that I might be able to offer my assistance to for a week, or two, maybe more. Not to be paid or anything but just spend some time with them, help out, pick up a few skills/tips (maybe even offer a few of my own :p) as well as spending some time in a beautiful part of the country and meet some interesting people! :) I'd of course find my own accomodation etc (hopefully some one would be willing to take me in! :o)

    Do any of you know of such places, people, etc etc, if so I'd love to hear about them, if you dont want to reply here sure drop me a pm I'd very much appreciate it!

    In fact, if you can think of any organisation, event or such likes that might need some volunteers for a period of time over the summer sure let me know about that too, getting sick of Carlow at this stage!! :D

    Cheers! :)