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Careers in Geography?

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    Just saw some comments from some posters that most people ask them if they are 'going to be a teacher' when they finish their degrees. So with that in mind...

    what career opportunities are there for those who study Geography in University?* Is it easy to get a good job with just a degree or is a Post-grad almost a necessity (as with Psychology).

    So, what say ye?

    *I work in Medical Communications and have no intention of changing careers :D


  • It depends what kind of geographer really, but for those of you not intending to go onto PhDs it's usually; planning, more geography, environmental stuff and everything else. Planning would probably be the natural progression for a lot of planners but considering there are absolutely zero jobs available I'd say the €18 grand MRUP in UCD isn't really worth it anymore. More geography would probably be something like the the MA, or GIS, remote sensing etc... there seems to be a lot more jobs in the GIS but it's not something I'm too familiar with. Then there's the environmental stuff, but this is highly precarious as well. I'm doing Environmental Science in TCD and talk of jobs is non-existent. Everything else is literally just everything else.

  • I have a degree in Geography and I can't find anything... :(

    I'd appreciate any suggestions

  • This site might help:

  • Looking into it. Thanks.

    I've not been able to find anything yet :(