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Arts Omnibus in UCD 2010!

  • 19-03-2010 9:30pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 Sheena Roche

    I'm doing my Leaving this year and just filled out my CAO form there a while back. I really want to do the arts omnibus in UCD but I just have a question about it - when you put DN012 down as a choice, there's an option to choose your subjects, however, it only lets you choose two, so I'm just wondering, if you choose two on the form, are you restricted to them when you go to UCD or can you change them? Like are they just to indicate preference or demand or something or are you actually pre-registered to those subjects when you attend UCD?
    I know you can choose other subjects to make up the 60 credits in Stage 1 too but I'm not sure how that works either.
    Frankly, I'm a little bit confused about how the subject choice for this degree works.

    Can anyone enlighten me?? Please!


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,676 ✭✭✭ dr gonzo

    Hey Sheena, welcome to Boards. I dont remember seeing anything to do with the constituent arts subjects before getting my place and actually registering with the college. Dont quote me on this but you dont decide on any of your subjects until well after the CAO stage so i would not worry whatsoever about it now and even IF it were the case that you registered them now you would definitely be able to change your mind during UCD registration.

    However if youre still nervous better informed people then myself are only a phone call away in UCD.

    Good luck and enjoy your studies :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,129 pljudge321

    Its explained there. As far as I can work out if you go into the omnibus and on the cao enter a preference for something like Sociology and English as your two subject choices you get guaranteed/preferential (not sure which) entry into these two subjects at the start of first year.

    You could leave it blank and then register as usual at the start of the college year but you might find it much harder to get into some of the more popular subjects. Im sure you could also witch your subjects as well if you entered them on the CAO but the above would apply as well.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4 Sheena Roche

    Thanks for the replies guys!
    Dr gonzo, I was thinking that myself and just wasn't sure! Well i did talk to someone about it at the open day but I'm not sure they really understood what i was trying to say so it didn't really help! :) So I thought I'd try my luck here! How is UCD as a college by the way?
    pljudge321, I have actually checked out the UCD page already but it still left me a bit confused!
    Ok, basically, my plan is to do 4 subjects in the arts degree to make up the 60 credits - major in english and music, and minor in french and spanish (majors and minors could change but they're definitely my 4 main subjects). So say if i were to put down english and music on the CAO as my two preference subjects because they're the ones i'll probably major in, will it still work out for me to minor in the other two? And can i change my mind about which ones i want to major and minor in during registration?
    Sorry about all the questions but I just want to make sure i have it all straight so nothing goes wrong!