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AutoCAD Tutoring

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    OK so at the moment I am out of work. I spent 3 years in Waterford I.T. studying Civil Engineering and came out with a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering and almost immediately after finishing college i got work with a Civil Engineering Consultants in Waterford (well 2 different jobs over the 3 years working). I used AutoCAD a lot and know a fair bit more now than i did leaving college.

    So i was wondering if while im out of work now, would it be possible to give lessons in AutoCAD to people who are currently studying in College or even in school to help them along. Maybe for like 25 quid an hour or something like that.

    Has anyone done this themselves, and if so how'd it work out.


  • I'd say you have two segments of Market
    1. Student in college who is useless at CAD. May need help prior to exams only - will be hard to find!
    2. Someone looking to upskill and jobhunting (ha!) - they are more than likely going to go to evening course etc for 'the qualification'