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What does Geography mean to you?

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    I thought it might be interesting to start off some discussion on what Geography is.

    When I tell people I study Geography they ask if I'm going to become a teacher, as if that's as far as the discipline goes, teaching people who will teach more people etc.

    Most people think of weather, volcanoes, land formations... but those with an interest in Geography will know that there's a whole lot more to it.

    What I'm asking is, what is it about Geography that catches your interest?

    What makes it different from other subjects? Why Geography?


  • I used to think of Geography as being merely a study of portal dolmens and ox-bow lakes, etc; but when I was studying for my degree (Economics) I ran into (and befriended) some Geography students and I started to see just how broad the field is. In fact, out of all the social/human/natural sciences, I think Geography has probably the least boundaries. My current masters thesis is based on the study of the varying outcomes of New World colonies, and much of it is steeped in things like geography and climate. It really does find it's way into every discipline.

  • I study Geography as well and I'm always asked if I'm going to be a teacher:rolleyes: (I usually just say yes to shut them up).
    In secondary school, we did the usual topics- volcanoes, soils, earthquakes etc.- but I never knew how broad the subject was until I got to college. I've done loads of Geography modules ranging from Glaciation to Geopolitics. I think it's one of the few fields where there is a topic to interest everyone.
    Hoping to do my masters in Geography next year.

  • I didn't do it for my leaving cert, and honestly chose it as a third arts subject in college because I thought it would be an easy subject.

    I was wrong about it being easy, but I don't think I could have made a better choice. Similarly to you guys, it has to be the breadth of the subject.

    Today I was interviewing people on threats to the Irish language, another day I'll be analysing satellite imagery, another I'll be reading about the spread of neoliberal economic regimes...

    To be honest, I don't know what career I'm looking for, but if a subject this broad doesn't open up options I don't know what would.

  • As with flamed diving - it is fascinating in that there is a spatial dimension to any social problem. I ended up in sociology, and took geography for my BA. Having come from civil engineering I found the physical and quantitative side most enjoyable. I REALLY miss working with GIS :) Even now I still try to include some spatial data in whatever I am doing - which to the credit of the discipline is quite often.

    Ultimately the social won out for me, but I still find that geographical literature adds a layer of understanding to most social science topics, and a certain satisfaction that you just don't get with sociology. And it is telling how much we borrow theoretically from geography - Harvey, Smith, Gregory, Lefebvre etc.

  • I never studied geography in the leaving cert, but I ended up doing a degree in single honours geography. I think where you study it will ultimately change your view point on 'what is geography'? When I did my undergrad in UCD I would have considered it to be a subject that's heavy on the social stuff, but as I went on the physical, although not emphasised down in Belfield, turned out to be way more interesting. I've now found myself absolutely detesting human geography, I can't even look at a single piece of literature on it. Geography is what you make out of it in the end.

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  • I'm really interested in geography, and have been as long as I can remember. My dad loves it too, so that's probably where I get it from :D I did actually drop it after first year in college though, which was kind of random! Still ended up being quite heavily involved in the Geography Society at college, as you can see from my sig. So I suppose my interest would be more of a hobby than an academic one.

    I think the reason I find it so interesting is because it's so wide ranging... Pretty much everything can have a geographical slant put to it, from sport to politics to music.

  • i know its a few weeks since last post but.....

    what interests me about geography well the only thing really is maps, i have OS maps for all of donegal i love heading down wee roads that you would never pay no heed to on driving past but a have found a few decent Gems of places (helps cos im into photography too). i once came across an abandoned fishing village in west donegal called port, there is a pier and a riuned settlement there is a fasaniting place

    P.S. if you type "kiltyfanned donegal" into google maps it'll show you where it is, duno why its called that, anyone i know calls it port.