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Simplex and Crosaire online

  • 17-03-2010 12:49pm
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    I'm reposting this as a new thread in the hope of getting a response. Any comments ?

    In the Irish Times Crosswords online there is a leader board for the fastest time of completion each day. However, for example for the Simplex puzzle the fastest time for completion is usually less than 2 minutes and sometimes as low as one and a half minutes. It is my contention that no one could solve and type in the answers in that time. So how is it done? I tried solving on paper and then type it in but could not get better than 3 minutes - I'm not the fastest typist in the world I hasten to add but I doubt if even a record typist breaker could solve and type up the solutions in the times shown on the leaderboard. As for Crosaire it takes me two hours and four pints to solve that one and then not always to completion!!


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    Here's how to break the Simplex record. 1. buy IT early in the am. 2. Do crossword at your leisure. 3. Get a friend to go over answers. 4. Go to website and get friend to call out answers. There are faster ways. As for the Crosaire my own PB is under 30 minutes - but this was for a Saturday much easier. My weekday best is about 45 minutes. What's speed got to do with it anyway?

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    I guess that's one way to do it I suppose but you'd still want to be a pretty fast typist to fill it in in less than 2 minutes. Of course I agree with you. What satisfaction can there be there in completing a crossword in so short a time?

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    I am a pretty fast typist, but by no means lightning speed. When I was in college, I used to do the simplex every day, and typically finish in 2 minutes or so. There would have been no 'cheating' with the paper version!
    The simplex is simple and practice increases speed no end, as questions tend to be repeated a lot. Read clue -> type answer, without any middle step of 'think of solution'!

    Now, the Crosaire... I very rarely got past the first clue. Even 2 hours and 4 pints wouldn't get me as far as six clues!

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    My morning routine is to print off the Simplex crossword and fill it in at my leisure over a cup of tea. I then go on the laptop and type in as quickly as possible. I'm a one-finger style typist but can get it done in two and a half minutes. My fastest time is 2:01. Everyday a few of the same contributers complete it consistently in 1:31. Love to see how they do it. It's a bit of craic anyway! A pleasant start to my day.