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Feedback appreciated on Blog


  • texanman wrote: »
    Just created new blog. Just getting used to wordpress.
    Thanks for looking.Feedback appreciated.

    from mrs j bloggs it looks great.

  • Thanks for looking, appreciated

  • I think it's very beautiful. Seems to be perfectly suited, tonally, for the market it's aiming for. Nice!

  • Nice blog layout and good choice of template. Nice clear navigation and easy to follow.

    Are you going to add captcha to stop comment spam?

    Are you going to integrate the blog into your main website or keep them separate?

  • Hi
    I have to accept the post before I can put it on my blog.I was thinking of keeping them seperate. I know it would be handy to keep them all in the one.
    Thanks for the great feedback

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  • Moved the blog into the main site.
    Have to figure out how to remove the "comment box"??

  • When posting your post, just uncheck the "Allow comments" box at the bottom.

    Its a very nice integration. Whole site looks very well.

    Would you be up for a link exchange to my blog: