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The scouting trail official handbook - HELP!

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 2 Nicky123

    Hi to all scout leaders,


    My son was given a loan of a very old book called "The scouting trail - official handbook" by his leader while on a trip to Cork. While they were away the book got damaged and his leader is very upset. It has a map of Ireland on the front with images of scouts over the map. I would desperately love to replace the book. I imagine it is going back to the sixties possibly seventies and it seems to have been produced by "The scouting shop Ltd". This is the only publishing reference I can find on the back page. If someone knows where I can get a copy or has one they do not need I would be very happy to pay for it. Many thanks...



  • That sounds like the old Scouting Trail with a pinkish cover. They use to be plenty around but I think they are scarce now a days. As far as I can remember when CSI moved out of Herbert Place in the 90s they found hundreds of copies in the basement, it may worth calling National Office in Larch Hill to see if they still have some in storage some where.

  • Nice to see that some of the old stuff still being use by the scout of today. I can remember when the scouting trail had a brown cover and was a hardback book,
    Now that is showing my age Lol.

  • what's age these days nothing it's how young you feel and a very nice man has found the book and sent it to me and my son's leader was so trilled with it i'm so grateful to that man