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Balbriggan troop?

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    Hi all,

    Anyone here involved with or know somebody involved with the unit in balriggan?

    I used to be a member myself... Im delighted its still going strong

    As regards recent changes... religious ones make sense in this day and age but must say I was very disappointed at the new uniforms.

    I think that when I was in it, the emphasis on uniforms being smart, shoes polished etc instilled a sense of respect etc that many young people need at that age and it did us no harm. This removal of competition between units etc, I know scouting should be able to bring units together to work together but the competition edge on some events did no harm whatsoever and made the activities good fun!

    how much work is put into footdrill nowadays?

    we always did 5 - 10 mins a night


  • footwork LOL
    Must have been an ex CBSI troop then?

    I agree with the uniform somewhat. It should be a balance between smartness and outdoor usability. Combats or similar should be part rather than trousers but wearing the shirt and necker properly should be required IMO as it stands for the organisation.

  • yes ex CBSI and proud of it.

    have a military history and while i dont have the time to become a leader, i would openly offer my help one or two nights teaching footdrill basics (minsus the sgt major screaming) to either the leaders or the troop themselves to help with footdrill etc particularly with parades etc in mind. . . i could make it very interesting for all parties involved :D

    I noticed last years parades that many units had difficulty marching in the parades. not harping on but when we marched we felt so proud to be marching smartly and in step etc.

    as regards uiniforms, they should have 2 1 dress and 1 work or utility, even if it only meant black shoes for marching, i swear some scouts were wearing runners!

    anyway, my services are on offer, i have plenty of buddies who would do likewise, plus we could answer any questions necessary about defence forces too, camping survival training, etc (all the non combat stuff of course that has similiarties to scouting) - DOD would have to sanction it but could make for an interesting few nights.

  • I'm one of the leaders in the Cub Scout Section in Balbriggan.

    3 things:

    1. There are still competitions. In fact as far as I know the Scout Section in Balbriggan regularly wins the regional competitions.

    2. The uniform change is a VERY good thing.

    3. Having 2 uniforms is a terrible idea. We always aimed to cater for all pockets, no matter how deep or shallow, and we try and keep the expense of being a member at its absolute minimum.

  • I have just found this post so it may be a while but I have to ask.
    Why be so defensive Kayroo all Morpheus did was offer his time and opinion on the uniform as he saw it. I agree that the new uniform is not the same as i wore in myday but change can be good but what is needed in my opinion is a bit of pride in the uniform.