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Security Forum Charter - read before posting

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    Security Forum charter:

    Wikipedia defines information security as

    “Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction”

    This Forum is for the discussion of all topics relating to that definition of information security.

    The forum is NOT a technical support forum or a discussion on the operations and capabilities of an OS outside of the scope of security concerns.

    For technical support queries please visit: HERE

    For Operating Systems discussion in a general sense please visit: HERE

    For electrical security (home alarms etc): HERE

    The field of Information Security is constantly growing and has crossovers with many other fields of Information Technology (databases, programming, network administration). As such, a certain amount of blurring is to be expected but all users of the forum are expected to restrict all discussion, as much as possible, to topics relating to the security aspect of these fields.

    Eg: discussions of tools to perform security code review or asking advice of best practise for database permission settings are encouraged while requests for how to write a piece of code (unless security related) and questions on how to build SQL query strings (again unless security related) are not.

    Code of Conduct:

    Along with the standard policies on behaviour the following rules will be applied:

    Off topic posts: hijacking a thread to divert conversation away from the original discussion is not allowed. Sometimes a discussion will veer away from the original topic and that is to be expected over time. Whether or not a post is off topic is a decision made by the moderators of the forum and such posts may be removed or edited.

    Any queries or discussion on a moderator decision should not be posted in the thread or in the forum. The moderators are more than happy to read and respond to any grievances by Private Message. If you are still dissatisfied with the response you receive, you are advised to contact the category moderator (MiCr0) to have him review the issue as a neutral party.
    Personal abuse will not be tolerated. No name calling or abuse of posters will be allowed by users or by moderators. If you have an issue with a poster, contact a moderator. If you have an issue with a post, post a counter argument.

    Evidence: unless requesting information or trying to confirm a rumour all posts containing “facts” should have links to any relevant supporting material included or include an attribution to the author/publisher of the “fact” . Think of it as the security forum’s version of “pics or GTFO”

    Links: posting a link to a compromised online resource or to insecure material deemed dangerous to general internet users WITHOUT A CLEAR WARNING of the links content and risk will result in an instant ban from the forum (permanent pending discussion and review by the mods and , where necessary, the cmod).

    Step by Step description: of illegal activites are not permitted. Requesting such information is also not permitted. If it is relevant to the discussion a link to a proof of concept or an alternate discussion on another forum is allowed but the poster is responsible for any issues that arise from the information given out. Links deemed unsuitable by the moderators may be removed.

    Encrypted/non-English Posts: must include a translation. In the case of an encrypted post, the translation may be put in spoiler tags. This is purely for the purposes of ease of moderation. Any posts not containing a translation may be deleted. Needless to say, posting code is excluded from this requirement :)

    Users are requested to report any posts they find in breach of the charter and the general ethos of Information Security

    Moderator behaviour:
    Moderators will abide by all of the rules of the forum and of

    If a post is edited or a link removed a reason will be provided either in the post or via PM.

    This forum will make use of the infraction system:
    Minor transgressions will receive a minor infraction that will be removed after a week.

    Repeated transgressions will result in increasingly severe infractions and/or a permanent infraction keeping record of misbehaviour.

    In the interests of discussion continuity, disruptive posters may be asked to refrain from posting in a thread. Failure to comply with this request will result in an infraction or possibly a temporary/permanent ban from the security forum.

    Deliberate attempts to cause damage to a user’s system or to compromise a site or users security will result in an instant and permanent ban from and a notification to the injured party that are fully willing to help in any resulting legal investigation in any way we can.

    Threads better suited to another forum (such as Windows OS or HTPC for example or Virus/Malware removal advice) will be moved to that forum and a brief note explaining why will be posted in the thread. A redirect will be left to the new location . this will not be a permanent redirect and will expire after 7 days. If you posted here and your thread has disappeard, there is a good chance you havent been here in 7 days and the redirect has already expired.


  • I would like to add to this.
    No Flaming Unless advice and/or recommendations are asked for do not critisise someone choice of security software etc..
    If recommending against some software etc , please back up your statements with reasons. Simple flaming comments will be removed & infractions handed out. Repeat offences may result in a ban.
    No surveys or market research without prior permission from a moderator. Dont post you survey first & then ask for permission after the thread has been locked.
    Contact details
    It is not allowed to post Private or mobile phone numbers.
    It is not allowed to post emails
    Any of the above will be snipped from posts
    If you wish to post your own details you must get prior permission from a moderator.

  • Just a reminder folks: Please don't post links to malicious resources without a clear warning not to click the link. If anyone sees such a link, please report the post and I'll edit it.

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