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    We do have something similar but with the hose coming out of the front of the truck.

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    S Tipp use one. I went and looked at one for the authority I worked for in about 1989 when they were first on the market, it was even on Tomorrows World at the time!

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    I've already seen one at work in Co. Galway on my travels, "repairing" the many riddled pot-hole Loughrea - Gort (N66) road. Something serious needs to be done to that road, rather than simple "patching".

    Here in Fermanagh there's one in use, and has been in use for the past 2 years at least. Is it as effective as the "old manual way"?? I don't think so personally. I find it as a cheap and "lazy way" of fixing the roads. Its only a tempory stop-gap measure until a permaneng repair work can be carried out on national routes. In my opinion it's grand for lightly used roads (the majority of "R" roads and minor roads - think they are now classed as "L" roads?) The jet-patcher is grand, but not for major N roads, and heavily used R roads.

    The likes of the road from Enniskillen - Derrylin (main (N.3) road from Donegal - Dublin) is nothing short of a disgrace. There are several sections of road which have "subsided" leaving large cracks in the road and a dangerous and un-evan surface. the cracks were soon "jet patched" (well over 2 year now) and have done no improvement - infact if anything have made the road alot more dangerous than it was. While granted not all main 'N' roads in Ireland are 100% I've noticed over the past few years they've all been well up to scratch, and if ever there is an un-even subsidence it's usually patched up, but with-in the year it's been dug up and replaced with the same road surface as the rest of the road.

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    kildare county council have one and they used it on the n78 last year.
    it ruined the road so much that it made it treacherous for me to drive on a stretch of the road.
    then a half a year later they decided they needed to use up their roads budget so they decided to dig up the road and relay it perfectly.
    its one of the best stretches of the n78 now, but given that it will soon be an R road it wont be getting anymore funding any time soon.

    so in other words if they had relaid the road in the first place they could have saved spending money on the maching that spits stones out and makes roads dangerous.

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