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Best 3D Package to Learn

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    I have good experience with 2D AutoCad but as I am recently unemployed I want to add some 3D drawing proficiency to my CV.

    So my question is; which package would make the most sense for me to start learning;

    Solidworks/ Pro E / Unigraphics or other ?? with a view towards employment as a mech or process eng with some 3D drawing experience



  • Hi, I find that having a good knowledge of Solidworks, which is very commonly used now in Industry, will give you a good basis that if you need you use Inventer etc. in the future it is easy to diverse between them. I trained on Solidworks, then had to self teach Pro-E and then Self teach Inventer 11 and got on fine, took a week or so to get into Pro-e and Inventer after using Solidworks

  • I'm in my Junior Certificate year, and for my Materials Technology (Wood)(Metal) etc, I was the only one in the school who did all my designs using SolidWorks. I found it very easy to learn, and would definitely look good on your curriculum vitae. :)