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Stan Phillips?

  • 12-02-2010 4:41pm
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    I recently began looking for a clairvoyant, hoping to find one in the Wexford area, and I have heard good things about this guy... Anyone know if he's worth it? Thanks! :)


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    Have to say I've never heard of him. Carol Byrne is on Main St. and has a good rep?

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    Havent heard of him either. Where is he based?

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    I recently began looking for a clairvoyant, hoping to find one in the Wexford area, and I have heard good things about this guy... Anyone know if he's worth it? Thanks! :)

    Stan Phillips.

    Here is some information about Stan Phillips, taken from a book called 'Paranormal Ireland' by Dara deFaoite...
    Wexford clairvoyant, Stan Phillips, has been successful in locating bodies and helping to ease the distress of relatives.

    Phillips has been involved in a number of high profile missing person cases on request of the families and has insisted that their names be removed for reasons of confidentiality.

    'I was approached by the family of a man who had been missing for over two years. The man had been involved in the drugs trade, and was believed to have been murdered. The family wanted information and, at worst, a body in order to get some sort of closure on what had become of him,' explained Phillips.

    'This man's mother came to me and I asked her to tell me all about him, and what she knew of his last known actions. From this information I named a place some way out in the country, and asked her would that be a particular destination where he would go. It turned out that he had a son in a village nearby, but what I could visualise at the time was a wooded area with mountains in the background. Three weeks later, a decayed body was discovered in those woods. It took three months to identify it as the corpse of the man in question.'

    Although Phillips has involved himself in these cases, it is far from his favourite area of psychic practice.

    'It's the more difficult end of the psychic spectrum, simply because you are working with so little. But I reckon I can get at least a 50 per cent success rate on every case taken,' he said.

    'All I need is a bit of background on the individual or place. I ask who the person is, where they were last seen and then somehow, I get a picture of them going somewhere or doing something until a place will crop up in my mind. Sometimes a map might help me visualise an exact area.'

    Phillips underplays his skills in clairvoyance. 'I have absolutely no idea how it works; you just go down a road of trust with your senses. It's about knowing when to pick up on the right connection and tapping into that connection.

    'For example, I had a woman with me and I took down her date of birth, which I do sometimes to work out numerology that can reveal a lot about a person. As it turned out, she shared a birthday with my daughter. So I looked for a connection and, as our daughter was adopted many years ago, I decided to use that and said, "What's this about adoption?". Well, she turned to me and told me that herself and her husband had just set out to adopt a child and were going to ask me about their chances of success.'

    Stan Phillips is also a hypnotist, specialising in past life regression, or what's also termed 'hypno-analytical therapy'. He's a member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP).

    Here's more about Phillips (commenting on the subjects of reincarnation and hypnotic regression) from the same book...
    [...] Phillips (doesn't) consider (himself) religious in the conventional sense, but (has) a belief in the continuation of the soul as an energy that cannot die. 'I am connected to my soul, which is taking me down this particular path of my current life and the only one I can live at this time,' said Phillips.

    'However, this soul is equally connected to that guy who rode a horse in America 100-years ago. It is also connected to this person who lived in Medieval Germany. All these things are part of my soul's experience but are not necessarily me.'

    So, without prescribing to popular religious dogma, how do proponents of past life regression, such as Phillips, account for the phenomena?

    'Right back at the beginning of time there was the big bang, a scientifically endorsed theory. Something exploded outwards to create the universe in which we live. The big bang exploded out to fill and create the space, which still grows and grows. Within that moment, that beginning, all the souls and the energy of life, including that of humanity, existed and were sundered from that one outpouring of energy. Ultimately these souls are lonely, which is why we so desperately seek out comfort and companionship as humans. They are somehow searching for a return to that singularity. These souls have to grow and learn and develop and travel through lives as the universe explodes outwards, or contracts. Eventually, I believe, it all comes back together again into a major reunion to mirror the initial bang, but it is an endless cycle,' he said.

    'Through hypnosis and my connection with my soul, I can tap into memories and visit past lives. Equally I can tap into memories of the future, where my soul is going to be,' claimed the Waterford clairvoyant.
    A client attending Phillips' practice displayed signs of entering a future life. Joan (an assumed name), was involved in an unhappy marriage which, according to the 35-year-old Wicklow woman, was coming to an end.

    'For two years this woman had been on the receiving end of memories and images, which didn't have any bearing on her present life,' said Phillips.

    Joan's dream visions, both during the day and while asleep, were populated by four faces and names. 'The new faces were friendly and she told me she was more comfortable in her daydreams than in the "grim" reality of her unhappy home life.' During a hypnotherapy session with Phillips, Joan embarked on a journey at least 10 years into her future. 'Under hypnosis she had a vision of herself getting married in the year 2010 for a second time, to a man she couldn't identify. In the trance state she mentioned three names to me, which she said meant nothing to her.'

    It wasn't until 14 months had passed that Joan returned to Phillips with startling news. 'She was ecstatic. She was still in her first marriage, although separation proceedings had begun,' he said. Joan had been on the Isle of Man for a weekend break with her sister and had met a man with whom she corresponded after returning to Ireland. She met this man again and was knocked back to hear that three of his closest friends, one being his brother, matched the names and descriptions of those people in her visions of three years previous,' recalled Phillips. He admits that, 'time will tell on this one, but she foresaw knowing these poeple long before she met them and she also saw a second marriage.'

    Stan Phillips was also amongst the 11 speakers at the inaugural (December 2001) annual World Ghost Convention in Cork City Gaol, where he gave a talk entitled 'Truth of Ghosts'.

    There's an excerpt from his talk there from the book...
    'There are, in my opinion, many levels of apparent ghost experience,' said Phillips. 'One of these being the etching onto the fabric of eternity, some occurence or emotion, which holds such intensity that it echoes and re-echoes down all corridors of time. For example, I believe that if a blind man were to walk through Auschwitz with no knowledge of where he was, then the very walls would call out to him to tell of the pain and anguish that dwells there,' he said. Phillips recalled for the Convention his own experience in this regard.

    'I have personally had such an experience. A room in an apartment where my family once lived had, unbeknown to us, once been the setting of a particularly brutal murder. Nobody could sleep in that room. No matter how tastefully decorated, there was still the taste and odour of blood painted onto the atmosphere,' he recalled.

    According to the Wexford psychic, 'even the relatively insensitive imagination can perceive such essences. It therefore holds, that the more sensitive one will pick up on even relatively mundane events. This is evinced by typical sighting reports of say, the old woman knitting by a long-vanished fireplace.'

    Phillips told the assembly at the Cork Gaol that of all the ghostly experiences abounding, 'there is no-one out to get you' and, in fact, the reverse is true.

    'The hell and haunting', he said, 'emanates from this plane. The only pain is to be found in our struggle to absorb the spirituality of these experiences on a human level. We are protected from outside influence by our connection through our souls, with all those who have gone before us. We share forever with our soul and, in consequence, with every other life that soul has utilised down all ages of human experience.'

    Other than that, I don't know much about Stan Phillips.

    He has a website where he offers online readings (or email ones):

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    6th wrote: »
    Have to say I've never heard of him. Carol Byrne is on Main St. and has a good rep?

    Funnily enough now, I saw that Stan Phillips conducted a course in Ann's Angels shop (where Carol Byrne does her readings) late last year. They'd all know each other, seeing as they're in the same business and are based in the same county...
    Ann's Angels Bebo page:

    With Stan Philips 4 Week Course beginning Monday 9th November (2009). Cost €25 per week. If you are interested in learning the art of palmistry please do contact us!

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    I found the following video. Stan is reading some story he wrote about God-knows-what. It'd be handy to have this in the background if you were struggling to fall asleep some night. You wouldn't be long nodding off, like.

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    Seems I had a reading with this guy quite a few years ago, but never knew his name so didnt twig till I mentioned him today to someone who also went with me at that time. So.. His reading was strong on current stuff, and turned out to be accurate for the brief bit of prediction he did. Used numerology and was willing to answer specific questions. Long time ago tho. Dont know how he works now.

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    Oryx wrote: »
    His reading was strong on current stuff, and turned out to be accurate for the brief bit of prediction he did. Used numerology and was willing to answer specific questions. Long time ago tho. Dont know how he works now.

    I've always wondered how it's possible to predict things using numerology. It has never struck me as a viable predictive method, but Phillips might have his own method of using it that seems to work.

    All I know is that you can take a person's date of birth (say, 05-12-1964) and calculate these 'pyramids' that lead to a specific number for each passing year. The pyramids represent your 'peak years'. The number for each year has some sort of meaning behind it. Pythagoras used the symbolism of the pyramids in his numerology teachings when he studied in Egypt for 22 years back in the sixth century B.C. To him, the pyramids were symbols of maturity. There are supposed to be all these 'Great Mysteries' (of life) within the pyramids. Whether that's figurative or literal (or both)... well, f uck only knows...

    This is only a bit of craic now.

    Btw, you must take the 'birth/life path' number into account at the end when you're looking at the peak number you've found. The birth path number for someone born on 05+1+2+1+9+6+4= 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1. So, their life/birth path number is 1.

    But calculating the 'peak years' using pyramids...

    Reduce the month, day, and year of 05-12-1964 to single digits.

    0+5= 5; 1+2= 3; 1+9+6+4= 20 = 2+0= 2

    So, 5 3 2.

    Pyramid one is built using the first two numbers (5 and 3). 5 and 3 are at the base. To calculate its peak, you add 5 and 3. So, 8 is the peak.

    5 is on the left corner of the pyramid, 3 is on the right of the pyramid, and 8 is the peak of the pyramid.


    5 3

    A person with life path number 1 would have reached their first peak year at the age of 26. So, their 26th year would have a lot of number 8 'issues'. It denotes a year of (chiefly, financial) independence achieved through success in either artistic or commercial involvements.

    There are different peak numbers for everyone, depending on their D.O.B.

    It's just a bit of entertainment anyway.

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    does this guy give money to charities? a friend of mine went to a psychic and it might have been him......who ever it was he was accurate and knew things no one else couldhave known