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    • This is NOT a medical board. If you need medical advice see a doctor. Asking advice on alternative remedies is also asking medical advice. Don't ask and DO NOT answer. We will be harsh should you answer i.e. you'll be banned.
    • Commerical Posts - Topics/posts that contain commercial advertising/marketing material from non Commercial Representative users will be both edited and locked. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further details on Commercial Representative accounts.
    • If you've found a good resource for buying equipment then please tell us about it. That's one of the purposes of this board. If you're selling some of your own gear then put an ad on our sister site http://www.adverts.ie/ and include it your signature. This will change as the forum matures but to start out it keeps the commercial posting under control.
    • We don't care how good your credentials are, if we decide to delete information with regards to technical safety issues or something supplied by you its because Boards.ie does not want to get sued. It is not a reflection on your good self or your abilities. Again this will be up to the moderators. Put it this way folks, if your new you'll probably be edited. If the community here know and trust you, you probably won't.
    • No racism/sexism/etc. No Porn. No personal abuse or attacks. Bans will be issued.
    • Any threads that may be used to discuss illegal activities (such as drug use) may be locked or deleted. For example, if your discussing anabolic steriod use at the professional level, that's okay. Where can you score some weed? - that's not okay.
    • Try and stay on topic please.


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