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    This forum is about commenting, discussing, interacting, learning, understanding, and sharing the spirit of American football. Those knowledgeable or new to the sport are welcome! Policies and Practices:
    • No advertising, spamming, or pornography.
    • No trolling, flaming, or personal abuse (i.e., challenge the post, not the poster).
    • No feeding the trolls (or thanking the trolls, which is just another way of feeding them).
    • No backseat modding. If you feel a person or post violates policies (or our charter), click the report button [!] in the lower left hand corner of their post, and state your reasons in the report window provided when it opens. Discussing someone’s behaviour and posting it on a thread in this forum is an example of back seat modding.

    Specific Forum Additions:
    • No thread spoiling (i.e., stay reasonably on thread topic).
    • No off topic threads (i.e., must pertain to American football).
    • No trashing of American football as a sport, or its teams (i.e., constructive criticism is welcome, but flaming is not).
    • PM the moderator if you need clarification regarding this these policies and practices, this charter, or for actions taken that pertain to violations. The first stage in the official appeal procedure is to PM the moderator.

    Recommendation beyond policies or practices:
    • Ignore Button: If there is someone on this forum you personally dislike, or frequently makes comments that you personally dislike (that do not specifically violate this charter), simply click on their user name, and when the menu opens, select the ignore option. Problem solved.


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    1. Minor offence (See list) will result in a yellow card infraction and may incur a ban. Repeat offences may result in a red card infraction and/or a ban of increasing length.

    2. Major Offence (see list) will result in a red card infraction. A red card infraction will count as two yellow cards for the purpose of point 3 below.

    3. Those receiving a total of six yellow card infractions in one calendar year will be banned from the forum for the entire NFL season or 6 months.

    4. Any user receiving a single red card infraction within 6 months of unbanning from a season long/6 month ban, will be banned for 12 months or, at the moderators discretion may be permanently removed from the forum.

    5. In extreme cases, the moderators may deem offences to exceed the scope of the an/infraction system. In these events, the moderates reserve the right to issue a permanent or season long ban to any user.

    6. Should an infraction be removed or overturned, it will not count towards the banning procedure.

    7. Ban lengths for yellow card infractions are at the discretion of the moderator. Even where no ban occurs, the yellow card still counts.

    8. Ban lengths for red card infractions are a minimum of 2 weeks at the discretion of the moderator.

    10. In the case of abuse, should the abuse be a result of provocation, no matter how mild, the initiator will receive a yellow card infraction. Should the initiator be deemed to have purposefully provoked a user in order to report them, the mod may issue a red card infraction (ie. we will examine abuse and if the abuse was provoked, both parties will be sanctioned).

    Minor Offences (including but not limited to):
    Abuse of players/coaches etc.
    Flamebaiting in threads.
    Debating moderation in threads.
    Mild flaming or trolling.
    Accusing a member of trolling/being a troll.
    Misuse of the Reported Post system.
    Back-seat moderation.
    Abusing through the thanks system. (thanking abusive posts)

    Major Offences (including but not limited to):
    Blatant or deliberate breach of charter.
    Abuse of users.
    Breaking a rule.
    Outright abuse (of anyone).

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    Personal Abuse - Update 26/01/15

    In the interest of nipping trolls in the bud, avoiding consistent issues of instigation and otherwise keeping levels of hostility at an equilibrium, the following amendments are to be made to what we will here after consider 'personal abuse' under revised ad hominem grounds-

    - Personal abuse against other posters, including the nature and style of their posts.
    - Personal abuse against players - criticism is fine, but name-calling, racism, character attacks and serious insults will not be tolerated.
    - Personal abuse against organisations, including accusations of being cheats, whingers, bad losers, bad winners, etc.
    - Personal abuse against fans, including name-calling, racism, accusations of preciousness, paranoia, defensiveness, etc.

    The game of football can be discussed fine without resorting to any of the above.

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