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my gpu and cpu overclock.

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    not sure how these results are faring out, but hopefully you guys can suggest what to do next!

    ok, ive got a qx6700 @ 3.4ghz
    and a p5q deluxe mobo with 8gb of reaper ram.
    hd5770 oc'd to 900core 1300mem
    and an 8800gt 512mb doing physx.

    ive ran furmark for ages and temps seem decent.
    furmark scores are 11983 after 60,000ms benchmark.

    maxing out at 60degree's under prolonged load.
    20 on idle.

    ive ran 3dmark06 and i got a score of 16,560 give or take a few.

    would my card go higher without modding anything?
    i dont feel confident about flashing bios vcore mod's etc.

    am i being bottlenecked by the cpu?
    could i push that higher?
    would overclocking the 8800gt make any difference?

    one more question. gpu-z tells me my 5770 when not underload goes to 157mhz core and 300memory core.

    is there any reason for that?