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Charter: Updated with Dispute Resolution Procedure

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    If you are new to Boards.ie or if you just have a question and you need an answer, the Boards FAQ should be your first stop.
    If you cant find the answer there, please contact one of the the Primary and Pre School moderators D4RK ONION or byhookorbycrook

    The following is a list of rules that should be followed when posting in Primary and Pre School. This list is not exhaustive. Failure to comply may result in an infraction or ban.

    Keep it civil

    Usual Boards.ie rules apply. No trolling, flaming, trying to get a rise out of people. Remember the Boards-wide rule, attack the post, not the poster.

    Fair comment and constructive criticism about subjects related to primary and pre schools are permitted in this forum. However posts with general sweeping statements criticising all school, teachers etc, or those naming and abusing particular individuals may result in the poster being banned from the forum. Please don't slate a person or institution as they most likely will not be a member of Boards.ie and therefore will not be able to reply to any criticism. Boards.ie legal team get very nervous about such threads/posts.

    Personal Information

    Please do not post personal information about yourself or about anyone else, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

    Problems With Posts/Posters

    If you have a problem with a post or a poster, use the Report Post button report.gif and let the moderators deal with it. Back seat moderating is not permitted.

    Off-Topic Posts

    Please stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted. If you continue to post off-topic posts you may be infracted or banned.


    Advertising of products and/or services is not allowed. Spammers and shills are also not tolerated. If you wish to buy ad space, contact [email protected]. Try www.adverts.ie if you are looking to buy/sell books etc.

    Help With Assignments

    Please don't discuss or offer the answers to specific assignments or questions. This is especially relevant to those offering help for financial reward.


    Please do not offer/look for grinds in this forum. There is a sticky in the Leaving Cert forum and the Junior Cert forum for this purpose.

    Text Speak

    Text speak is not permitted.

    If you have a problem with a mod please use the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

    I hope that you find using the Primary and Pre School forum both educational and fun. :)


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    Infractions and Bans:

    In order to promote fairness in the Primary and Pre School forum, infractions and bans will be handed out as follows:

    1st offence: On-thread warning

    2nd offence: Infraction

    3rd offence: 1 week ban

    4th offence: 1 month ban

    5th offence: Permanent ban

    The first 2 may be skipped depending on the context. If a longer ban is warranted from the beginning, then a longer ban will be handed out.

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