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.22 air rifle for sale.

  • 01-01-2010 7:01pm
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    hello i am selling a .22 underlever air rifle , it is manufactured by snow peak.
    it is in good condition but has a few scrathes on the paint.
    comes complete with iron sights and 4x20 scope.
    i am askin 170 for it , i can post or else can meet in rural cork area.
    will have pics up soon.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 5 ScoobyMc

    would like a little more details,
    power, model ect

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 118 ✭✭Gerri

    ScoobyMc wrote: »
    would like a little more details,
    power, model ect

    Maybe it's this one,made in China,plenty of info online if you want to search.

    B3-F .22 Underlever Review
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    B3-F .22 Underlever
    4 stars
    Average rating for this product is: 4 out of 5

    From 6 ratings and 75 reviews

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    Phunky Stu's Review of B3-F .22 Underlever

    20th Apr 2004

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    Overall Rating
    5 stars

    Value for money
    5 stars
    4.5 stars

    4.5 stars

    Good Points

    Comprihensive pricing / Cheap
    Hard wearing / Practicle
    Accepts many upgrades and accessories etc
    Utilizes the same action technology that BSA employs in their rifles.

    Bad Points

    There are no major bad points.

    General Comments

    The B3-F .22 under lever rifle is an under rated rifle.

    You'll hear the usual propaganda about these rifles not being any better than a club and the likes of every day mainly from sceptical gun shops and people who have purchased a more costly rifle that's not necessarily better after being mislead by such sceptics.

    In most cases these shops are aware that the B3-F is relatively close competition for their high priced BSA meteors, super sports and lightnings

    The remainder usually have never used one of these rifles and are going purely from rumour.

    Don't get me wrong though, there are many good and honest shops, suppliers and clubs around than wont judge you by what you shoot, are open minded and are willing to help.

    Some of you reading this may be thinking right now that you cant compare a B3-F to a BSA rifle

    I can assure you, you can

    Although BSA no longer make the under lever rifle that shares many aspects with the B3-F
    There is still a noticeable resemblance in the trigger mechanism

    The BSA rifles do have a slightly finer blued finish to the action and their stocks are made from beach

    But apart from that, your not gaining much by spending that extra £130

    The B3-F has the same response as a BSA rifle does during firing
    Snow peak "the company that makes the B3-F rifles"
    Have even gone out of their way to spring the trigger blade.

    Unlike the BSA rifles, the trigger has some travel before you hit the realise point
    Along with being a nice shooting aid, it acts as a good safety feature and greatly reduces the risk of accidental firing in the event of the trigger being knocked or caught.

    It is also impossible to fire the rifle when it is cocked and the loading bay is open, so your not going to get your fingers accidentally chopped

    The B3-F is also considerably lighter than other rifles, making it less of a burden to carry around with you.

    The out of box finish on the stock is rather dull and plastic looking due to the heavy varnish coating.
    But this isn't such a bad thing as it makes the stock harder wearing and much more scratch + weather resistant than the BSA stocks.

    Having an under lever as a method of cocking, it eliminates the detrimental affects of cocking on the barrel that break barrel rifles sustain.
    The absence of these affects means that your rifle will hold its accuracy indefinitely, while other break barrel rifles will stars to lose their accuracy.

    The out of box power is very reasonable
    It does occasionally differ from rifle to rifle
    But again it is very reasonable considering the price
    They usually rate in around 7.5- 8.3ft/lbs using a 14.5grain pellet
    "The majority of pellets are 14.5 grains, pellet weight is usually stated on the top of their tin if you're unsure"

    These rifles are good for up to 30yards out of the box, although a scope is recommended, as the open sights are not physically capable of providing an accurate target accusation at this range

    Providing you have even the most basic of scopes
    "I Highly recommend a Simmons 4x40 deer field series scope for unrivalled reliability and no-hassle lifetime warranty"

    Its possible to put any number of shots into a 15mm circle
    "This would depend on the shooters level of experience"

    Another good feature this rife has is, pre-installed sling mounts.

    This saves you a further £25 - £30 and enables you to directly fit a rifle sling to allow you to carry the rifle over your shoulder

    Having worked on and used these rifles for over three years now, I must say that they are great value for money and it's worth getting one even if you already have a rifle

    They make great backup rifles, either for your self or to lend to friends and family who accompany you while you shoot.

    Being priced so low, it's an ideal rifle for someone who is thinking about trying some shooting, but doesn't want to buy something too expensive in case its not for them

    I've mentioned that there are no major bad points about this rifle, which is true

    Occasionally the rifles action can be a little stiff at first and not so frequent they can be rather seized up, but in this event it's nothing a little oil or grease can't fix

    I regularly service these rifles for friends, family and people who I've met at the target range or who have contacted my via email

    I own a few rifles, a Weihrauch HW95k, HW97k, HW100, a 1960s Mk5 BSA Meteor and a Snow Peak B3-f, which I have greatly modified and transformed

    It now has a custom stripped and re-defined stock, with custom blued trigger guard, rattle resistant sling mounts, a gas spring, 2 piece dual bolt pro scope mounts and a Hawke 3-9x50mm scope with illuminating mill dot reticule.

    I will eventually be fitting an adjustable but plate, a silencer and a sling.

    The gas spring took months of planning and testing before it would firstly fit and then secondly perform well

    But now that is done I'm left with an even lighter B3-F that is rated at a constant 9.2ft/lbs and has next to no recoil

    The recoil has literally been reduced to a mere click and cocking is much much smoother

    Other advantages with the gas spring are that it will out live the original spring by up to 5 times, so will save you a lot of money in the long run

    Accuracy is greatly improved due to the constant power and vastly reduced recoil

    Shot to shot, the pellets travel to the target more consistently without any random anomalies

    The gas spring doesn't suffer from prolonged cocking nor does it suffer the detrimental affects of every day cocking
    So it doesn't weaken or lose power like steel coil springs

    It's lighter and really reduces the actions noise making the use of a silencer affective

    I find people coming up to me at the target range asking me what rifle it is that I'm using and to their disbelief I tell them it's a B3-F

    After the gas spring and a scope is fitted, this rifle will give some of the more expensive rifles a good run for their money

    Even out of the box, it's a great rifle

    Thanks for reading and I hope you have found this helpful

    Phunky Stu

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 49 steeevo93

    sorry rifle sold