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Thinking about a Paintball V Airsoft Thread?

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    Firstly, Read:

    If you are thinking about posting up and telling us about which one is better for what ever reason, make sure you pay attention to the following. There are plenty of people with one sided opinions out there ( on both sides ) and unless you have tried both, they are not valid for a comparison/review. Feel free to tell us about your experiences with either though, you just cant go on to say that one is 10x better than the other etc.

    Before you can really compare, here are some points to note:
    • Have you played paintball or airsoft as a regular player and as a punter?
    • Have you used both rental and personal equipment?
    • Do you know the prices that regular players and punters play?
    • Do you know any, or are you yourself a regular player of either sport?
    Some silly questions there you may think but unless you can answer yes to most, then you are not really fit to compare the two. If you can answer yes, then that means that you have a balanced view of all aspects of both sports. You know just what the equipment is like and the prices that you can expect to pay.

    The equipment point is an important one as airsoft player who has only rented a paintball marker, their fist comment is usually that is is very inaccurate compared to airsoft. The reason for this is that rental paintball equipment is obviously used a lot and not up to the same professional grade as one you buy your self, it is a no brainer. Because markers are firearms and generally more expensive that airsoft gear, they tend not to be replaced as much as they should. That being said, I have seen Tippmann 98 Markers ( A typical site marker) being well looked after and still shooting straight after 10 years of use.

    Another important thing to remember about paintball is that it is a general term. There are two main types of paintball - woodsball and speedball. Woodsball is the typical view of paintball, in the woods. Speedball is the tournament version. For more info on that, click the link below.


    I have not played airsoft my self, so I won't be comparing the two. What I can say is that both are different. They may look similar, but they deliver their action is different ways. If you are looking for a 'tag sport' hobby - try both and then decide.

    If you still decide to post up saying that airsoft is better than paintball for no apparent reason and with no experience, then you will get a ban from the paintball forum. Simple as.

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