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2010 - Approximate schedule of motorway openings

  • 21-12-2009 5:38pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 6,093 Amtmann

    What's opening in the new year:
    • M3 will probably open in early summer, 61km
    • M7/M8 will open in July (my inkling), 40km
    • M7 Nenagh to Limerick touted to open in March (maybe), 31km (7km already open)
    • M7 Castletown to Nenagh due to open in November/December, 36km
    • N7 SRR II and Shannon Tunnel HQDC due open summer(?), 9.75km
    • M9 remaining sections will be open by June (maybe sooner), 64km
    • M18 Crusheen to Gort will probably open in August, 22km.

    Total: 263.75km


  • Noice :)

    I still think the M18 will be finished quickly before the Galway Races, so end July.