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Anthropology, Sociology & Culture: Forum Charter - Please Read

  • 11-12-2009 2:08am
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    Welcome to the Anthropology, Sociology & Culture forum! Below you'll find our rules and what exactly this forum is for.

    • First, the Golden Rule of
    There is no free speech! As you should know, this is a privately run and owned website, this means that you, the poster, do not have the right to freedom of speech. If you post something which the moderators deem inappropriate, they have the right to remove it and issue whatever punishment that they see fit (within the guidelines of the charter).

    You have the right to object to the moderator's decision, of course. You make your case for this objection via PM first with the moderator(s) in question. If that fails, you raise the issue with one of the local Science CMods. Finally, if that fails you, you then use the Dispute Resolution Forum.

    • What is this forum for/about?
    The proposal for this forum.

    Anthropology is the study of the origins of and the social relationships between human beings. It's the study of human ancestry through both time and space; the study of physical character, environmental and social relations, and culture.

    Sociology, at its most fundamental, is the study of collective behaviour. It is a diverse discipline that draws upon a range of theories and methods to explore both broad patterns of human behaviour, and individual life experiences. Sociologists’ interests range from the economy (theories of money, industrialization, forms of economic organization, labour markets), gender (performed identity, sexuality, inequality), to crime (theories of criminal behaviour, social organization of prisons, cultures of deviance). These and many other areas are investigated with a special emphasis on the connections between individuals, and broader social structures. Sociology is typically distinguished from Social and Cultural Anthropology via the latter’s early emphasis upon field research methods (ethnographers such as Malinowski, Mead, Levi-Strauss), despite the fact that cultural studies is now a prominent specialty across both disciplines.

    Given the range of areas sociology addresses, debates are welcome on any topic, provided they proceed within the broad outlines as stated above (theoretical discussions welcome provided they address themselves to social problems/phenomena - there is a philosophy forum for discussing the 'fundamentals').

    Culture, is just that. In the context of this forum, it isn't about the latest fashion in Milan, but it's about language, religion, customs, the development of knowledge and cultural morality etc.

    • College Work & Essays:
    If you're posting here looking for help with college work, essays, reports etc., don't post asking something like "how do I write an essay on this topic" or "how do I make an essay from this". If you do, it will just be locked. Instead, in your post ask questions about the topic in question.

    • The Universal Rules of
    I. Advertising is forbidden without prior permission of the moderators. If you wish to advertise with contact Dav or Darragh through this page.

    II. Flaming is forbidden.

    III. Personal abuse is forbidden.

    IV. Spamming is forbidden.

    V. Porn is forbidden.

    VI. Any links to sites which may contain some (very) minimal nudity, clearly mark it NSFW (not suitable for work).

    VII. Posting phone numbers is forbidden.

    VIII. Posting personal e-mail addresses without permission of the moderators is forbidden.

    IX. Trolling is forbidden.

    X. Illegal activities can be discussed, but giving advice on how to carry out illegal activities will lead to a permanent ban.

    XI. Do not argue with a moderator on thread, if you have an issue, PM the moderator in question first. If that doesn't produce a satisfactory response, raise the issue with a Science CMod. Finally, if you're still not satisfied, take your issue to Dispute Resolution Forum.

    *XII. Racism is not allowed.

    XIII. Text speak is forbidden. Anybody who continually posts in text speak will be banned.

    • Rules specific to this forum:
    *XII. Racism can be discussed in articles and threads about articles, and comments which draw general conclusions about groups of people are allowed, as long as they are based on something solid, and have a caveat that they talk about these groups in general, and do not include all individuals of that group (this is a good example of what might be construed as racism in another forum). Similarly, an article that might be said to be racist, such as this, may be acceptable if is factually correct, intelligently argued, and fair.

    Violation of any of the above rules will lead to an infraction/ban.

    • Other Bits:
    - If you're adding an extract from a scientific paper from a journal, please use appropriate citations.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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