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drun k thread! put your drunken comments here!

  • 13-12-2009 3:08am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1,426 Arcade Panda

    Well if the insect can open a thead on dark onions photo shop then I can certainly open a thread on our drunken exploits!

    This thread is for those of us who like posting after a night out....I know from the aggggghhhhh and yaaahhhhh threads that that is quite a few.

    Anywho....this guy that I really really really really fancy informed me tonight that he thought of me "like a little sister"

    wtf?!....its pretty hilarious but also fairly tragic.

    I promise this is the last thread I'll open in c & h....panda has pretty much out done her quota of threads what with 90's babies, interesting things and a couple more....last one, hand on my bruised heart.

    futhermore this thread is not just for drunken exploits but all exploits carried out after half 12 in the morning(which, let's face it, are pretty much all drunken...unless your a pioneer...if you are, respect)

    I think the grammer in this is fairly ok after a shoulder of vodka and shots of tequila....


  • I've had a few pints tonight, so I'm going to post here just once to point out your appalling spelling of the word "grammar" :cool:

    Now, as for drunken posting, I don't think the teenagers' forum is really the best place for it. Sorry Panda, but your latest thread will have to be locked.

    Which is hilarious, becuase I think you're locked right now :pac:

  • I'm going out for a while. You kids better behave. Or else! :P

This discussion has been closed.