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Do I have a speech disorder?

  • 12-12-2009 2:35pm
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    Hi all

    I have been noticing lately that I may be developing some sort of speech disorder.

    I met with some potential new clients on Thursday morning and whilst chatting to them / giving them a presentation I found at random times that although I knew what I wanted to say the word would not physically come out of my mouth to the point it felt like I had to force my muscles to say the word. Almost as if I was paralysed for a couple of seconds.. and whilst this is going on I forget what I was actually saying

    It was a very bizarre feeling as at the same time it almost felt like I was going to black out. The only other way I can describe it was there was also times where I had a chain of thought of what my next sentance would be but I would almost go blank and then have to try and recover leading to saying the same thing again.

    I was then at a client do that evening and it was happening all night, mainly the losing chain of thought and end up talking jibberish trying to keep the conversation going.

    I discussed it with someone who said it was probably nerves but I am not a nervous person but quite confident and deal with clients new and old daily.

    This bizarre scenario has happened to me once before a couple of years ago when i was giving a talk and where I could not get the words out I literally choked in front of my colleagues, much to my embaressment.

    Wierdly, this has not yet happened when around friends and family.

    If anyone has any ideas I would welcome them!



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 110 ✭✭cheekay

    Hi Paul,
    What you're describing are word finding difficulties. These occur as a result of a breeakdown in the speech and language systems of the brain. Its a very common problem. There are different techniques and strategies that you can learn to help these difficulties.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3 Rousey24

    Hi Cheekay

    Thanks for your reply.

    Is that right even when I know in my mind the word I want to say? It is literally like I have to force my mouth muscles to say the word at the same time feeling like I could potentially blackout.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3 Rousey24 I cannot work out why it only happens when we are with / entertaining clients as it it is not a nervousness issue.

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    It sounds to me as if it may be stress related. I note you say it doesn't occur under the obviously more comfortable surroundings of family and friends. My first port of call would be a GP, quite a few of them are tuned up on stress. Going this route doesn't imply there is anything wrong with you, just a sensible point to kick off from.

    I wouldn't worry about it as presentations could be regarded as stressful by the majority of people. I have personally suffered from stress, and the symptoms would have included, mental blanks, speech hesitation, uncomfortable subjective sensations, albeit temporary.

    Hope this may be of help !

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    My 2c - I think you should talk to your GP about this, just in case it could be a medical issue.

    Not your ornery onager

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