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Law and Accounting...Help!!

  • 06-12-2009 2:58am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 2 adri234

    I'm in leaving cert and am considering my options for next year. I want to do something in the law, finance, accounting area. I think my first choice will be Law and Accounting in ul but I was looking for more info on the course! ive been to the open day been on the website etc but was looking for a students opinion? also being from galway I would be moving on my own and this worries me too! where would be the best place to live? any advice on the course limerick or ul itself would be very helpful!



  • Registered Users Posts: 9,367 ✭✭✭ ninty9er

    The L&A course will be changing next year. There is only one module that isw not yet definite that will not matter until 4th year anyway.

    This is the first indepth review of the course since 1991 and tips the balance back to accounting with half and half of the modules.

    It is hoped that it will have more tax exam exemptions than any other course available once these changes are approved.

    If you want to go into finance, business is a better option, as tax accountancy and consultancy is the niche that Law and Accounting graduates fill.

    One criticism that I've heard one employer level at the course is that it is neither law, nor accounting, but that's one opinion and graduates in this course tend to be swept straight into tax departments in accounting firms as they have the legal basis for tax that BBS graduates don't.

    If you do decide to choose L&A and you get it, you will have a Bachelor of Arts degree as opposed to a Bachelor of Business. That doesn't mean a whole pile, but some employers tend to gloss over Arts graduates as it's the same faculty as History, Politics, general Arts, Languages etc...

    Of course I'm biased in that I did BBS, which doesn't hem you into a niche so much. In the real world you can begin with a BBS in an accounting firm and get into an audit department and then broaden your suite of skills and move around to other departments when qualified, whereas it can be difficult to get out of a tax department.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 136 ✭✭ alexcorb1991

    I really wanted to do something in finance like you but not so much accounting.

    The business course here is really good for your needs. In the first two years you a bit of everything like accounting to economics but then you major in such such options like accounting and finance and minor in law.

    For the living on your own thing, I know it doesn's seem like it but everyone is in the same boat. You become good friends with roommates and join a society or club, its a must

    1st year BBS

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,032 ✭✭✭✭ cson

    One quick question; in 5 years time which could you see yourself as; a Lawyer or an Accountant?

    I'll get around to answering this in depth when I've finished my essay on Adverse Possession. Damn exams. I'm 3rd year L&A.