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Portrait of A Zombie (Trailer)

  • 02-12-2009 12:06am
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    A heads up! The trailer for the new movie Portrait of a Zombie (which is released next year) is up

    Facebook fans get first dibs here. It will be up on youtube by tomorrow morning.

    You can read all aboyut the film that is turning heads everywhere here.


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    Mainstream media coverage woo!!!!
    IFTN wrote:
    Production has recently wrapped on the set of feature film ‘Portrait of a Zombie’ from Irish born director, Bing Bailey. The low budget black comedy/horror film explores the story of a working class Irish family who become caught up in a zombie invasion of Dublin.

    When son, Billy, becomes a zombie the family chooses to take care of him in the home much to the chagrin of the neighbors and the local crime boss. Meanwhile, they invite an American documentarian to film their situation and the film crew become involved in the mayhem.

    ’Portrait of a Zombie’ is produced by Laura Morand Bailey and Bing Bailey for Organ Hill Films. The film was shot on Red Digital 4K by Clayton Haskell (executive producer, Chinatown) and will now be edited in the U.S. The film’s cast includes Patrick Murphy, Todd Fletcher (Yard of Blondes), Diane Jennings (Dublin: A Movie in Four Days), Geraldine McAlinden (The Guards), Rory Mullen (Hunger), Gerry Shanahan (Omagh), Paul O'Bryan, Sonya O'Donoghue, Sara White, Ciaran Davies (The Haunting of Hell House) and Stephen Neeson.

    Cast and crew involved in the project filmed mainly on Mellowes Avenue in Finlgas but used other various Dublin locations such as Smithfiled, College Green and the Glasnevin Cemetery.

    Producer Laura Mornad Bailey tells IFTN: “The goal of the film is to reflect modern Ireland in the horror genre and to celebrate the strength and humor of the Irish in the face of adversity.”

    It is expected that ‘Portrait of a Zombie’ will be released next year. A teaser trailer will be released on December 1st at

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    we wait with baited breath. Between this and 'the crazies' there is hope for ZOmbie type moveis yet....

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    Good news everyone. The teaser trailer will be playing before the main feature at the underground cinema Dec 17th in Dun Laoghaire. So if anybody wants to pop along and see it on a big screen (not to mention the actual films) now's your chance.

    More info @

    I'll be heading on in (pending work times of course).

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    Very nice write up about the trailer on Slash Film:
    Not since Once have I been so interested in the filmic output of a land that spawned my ancestors and I have to say, without question, the premise is fascinating: a kid (Billy) becomes a zombie, his parents elect to take care of the kid at home, a documentary film crew (of course) wants to tape the family, and then we watch the havoc unfold.

    The trailer opens very strangely: a group of people take to the streets to protest something. It’s in slow motion, there’s no voice over, and we’re left wondering what it is they’re protesting against. We have some person getting swarmed by a pack of zombies, a woman lets us know the whole country is “****e,” a guy gets his hand cut off with a meat cleaver, and then we meet Billy. Treated more like a rabid dog than human I am impressed with the idea of where this is going.

    Slow-mo shots of zombies running around, of people evading certain death, and then a mom trying to console a thrashing Billy who is bound up in a straight jacket and muzzle all the while with a minimalist touch. This feels intimate, claustrophobic.

    The final seconds of this trailer are an especially nice touch considering what we’re dealing with: a first time director/writer, Bing Bailey, who obviously doesn’t have Hollywood funds but is trying to make it look like it. The execution is grand and really taps into that sense of terror that so many other, highly polished zombie films can’t match.

    More here.

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    Bit more about the story has surfaced on
    "I'm very glad you picked up on the fact the film isn't the usual we're trapped in a barn and zombies are trying to get us fare. The teaser is really a mood piece. There is quite a bit of satire and dark humour in the film and it really is about the family having to cope with what's happened to their son who had hopes and dreams for his life before he turned. They want to pretend everything is ok and love him and treat him the same way just like they always have but it proves very difficult for them and they make lots of sacrifices for their decisions."

    "On the crew's side it's about how long can you observe something before you have to become involved. I'm a huge fan of zombie movies that entertain but provide social commentary."

    "Many zombie films deal with outbreaks and the immediacy of dealing with survival. This film goes further and asks what would a parent do if something really awful happened to their son or daughter. How far would they go to try and make it all look normal? What we can do as independent filmmakers that the studios can't is push boundaries. I believe with this film we have."

    Full story here.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 917 ✭✭✭carbonkid

    LOL...looks awesome, although will never beat Dead Meat for best irish zombie flick!

    Id love to see zombies on likes of fair city...wait...wait...theres a joke to had there. Actually coronation street would be perfect for a zombie epidemic. Same actors and everything. Say they'd be well up for it, something new ^_^