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Spanish (Arts)

  • 24-11-2009 11:23pm
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    I'm going over to Spain for my Erasmus year but i don't know much about the Universities over there.

    Has anyone whos been over there or is going over there soon got any suggestions/feedback/warnings for Spanish Universities?


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    I'm on my Erasmus in Valladolid. One thing I should warn you is that your list of preference for the Spanish university you want to go, probably won't matter to the Spanish dept.

    Erasmus in Spain - Good points:
    *Living here is dirt cheap, in Valladolid average rent is around €150 a MONTH, although I know it can be dearer depending where you are, eg in south. And the first time you go to the supermarket you'll be amazed at how little a bag of food costs. Nights out are dirt cheap, you'll rarely spend more than a tenner.
    *It's great for travelling, because you will have friends all over the place, so a sofa to crash on in lots of different cities. I've been to Madrid, Salamanca, and Cadiz. My friend in Cadiz went to Morocco. This coming semester I'm planning on visiting friends in Toulouse, Liege (Belgium) and Bilbao.
    *Every trip home warrants a big get-together with your mates.
    *The Erasmus Student Network. They organise parties every week, as well as trips away, including rock climbing, Salamanca for the "students New Year" (takes place start of December), skiing in the alps in March, and a week in Ibiza in may, among lots others.

    Bad points:
    *Even if you're not a homebird, you will miss home. Actually, I miss Galway more than home.
    *For girls, unless you're a size 8, shopping is ****. Spanish women are tiny. And if you're any bigger than a B cup, bring all your bras from home.
    *Food is generally quite plain. Lots of bread, cheese and seafood. I love spicy food, but the Spanish don't seem to know what that is. I miss curries!
    *No Cadbury's.

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    Hi im going to valladolid for two weeks over the easter, But I am finding it hard to rent an appartment over there, do you know where the best place to find a holiday appartment is? thanx