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Berlin wall 20 Years on eh

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    well, where were you when It came down???

    For some of us its our Generations JFK or Moon Landing moment

    Me I was sittin at home and I remember watchin it on RTE News

    I remember thinkin at the time that this was going to be a monumental occasion

    So was anyone actually there???

    I'll have a hunt around on youtube later on and slap up a few images.


  • Berlin%20Wall%20Freedom.jpg





  • Jaysus I'm feelin all nostalgic now, there are a few Images I rember vividly, the main one being the crowd swarming checkpoint Charlie and just tearing away the Barrier and srtreaming into the West

    Powerful images, the Sheer elation on the faces of the people, the confusion in the eyes of the police, the feeling at the time that it could go either way, the tension in those first hours and then it was done, the wall started coming down.

    dunno about the rest of ye, cut that moment was the End of the soviet era in my eyes.

  • It truly was one of the most significant events in the last part of the 20th century. It literally changed the map of the world. It led to the end of the Cold War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the expansion of the EU.
    As an 11 year old I didn't understand the overall significance of events. I remember the images of people going over the border at the time.

    Something that happened a bit after this maybe had a bigger impact on me. It was the overthrow of Ceaucescu in Romania. I can clearly remember his fevered attempts to quieten the crowd in Timisoira, Romania on a Friday. This was around Christmas time. The newspaper on Christmas Eve or St Stephens Day a few days later had a bad photo on the front page of Ceaucescu dead on the ground after having been court martialed along with his wife and shot by firing squad. Over the next while stories of people's daily struggle in Romania emerged. The stories of the orphanages was next to emerge.

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  • Yeah, thats kinda what went through my head as well when I remembered the events

    Romania was the 'big reveal' of exactly how Fvkked up the eastern Bloc countries had becomeby that stage, Like yerself I was fairly young so the Stasi and the other Secret police didnt mean anything to me, but the footage of the Orphanages really struck a chord. I suppose it was because these Romanians were the same age as us and our friends.

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