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  • 26-10-2009 1:45pm
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    Charter: Rules and Guidelines
    Welcome to the East Forum. This forum is basically for threads that are either directly or indirectly related to the East egion. General debate will also be allowed if relevant to the forum.
    The following is a brief outline of what and what’s not allowed so read carefully. New and existing users will benefit from a visit to the Newbies & FAQ forum where more detailed rules and advice are given. If you have any queries feel free to contact a mod.

    Golden Rule:
    There is no free speech! This is a privately owned website. You do not have the right to say whatever you want on here. You are expected to obey the rules just like anyone else. Not following the rules will get you banned.

    General Site Rules:
    • Do Be Civil (Don't be a dick to other posters)
    • Do familiarise yourself with this forum’s charter - Not reading the rules is against the rules
    • Don't abuse people personally – Attack the post, not the poster
    • Don't back seat moderate – Use the ‘Report Post’ function if you wish to report a problem with a post
    • Don’t argue with a mod or question a mod decision on-thread – If you have an issue PM the moderator
    • Don’t discuss illegal activities or how to do illegal things
    • Don't advertise your company
    • Don't post porn or material that is NSFW
    For more information read the Newbie & FAQ Guidelines, & the Terms of Use that you agreed to when you registered on this site.
    Failure to follow the above will result in a ban.

    East-specific Rules:
    What type of topics can be posted in this forum?
    Topics relating to the East region only should be considered, but any other issue that is topical and is related to or affects members in the forum or the community in general is fine.
    For topics that are more relevant to specific areas within the East region (e.g., Dublin City, Kildare, etc.) your post should me made in that specific forum.

    Specific queries or topics should be posted in the relevant forums
    For example:
    If you want to discuss who will win the next general election then post in Politics.
    If you want to discuss who will be elected in the East constituencies then Politics or here is OK.
    Common sense will answer most of your queries, but if in doubt PM a mod before posting.

    Do not post anything that can be considered as being libelous as this could lead to court proceedings against This will result in a banning.

    Racism, Porn, Flaming
    Topics/posts containing such will be edited/deleted accordingly and the user banned.

    Off-Topic Posts
    Posts that stray off topic will be edited/deleted, depending on their relevance to the topic at hand. People who ignore a mod's request to stay on topic will be banned for 1 week for first offense and for longer periods for repeat offenses or at the mod's discretion.
    Use the DCN Off-Topic Thread.

    Phone Numbers & Personal Information
    Posting other peoples' phone numbers or Personal Information is a bannable offence. You should never post your own number on a thread as it is not guaranteed to be safe.

    Text Speak
    Its to be discouraged and not a bannable offence initially, however repeat offenders might be "asked" to take a break from posting.

    Personal Abuse
    Posters who abuse others on here will be banned. Permanent bans will be handed out on a first offence if a moderator feels it is warranted. There is no argument on this one. Abuse someone and you will be banned. Calling someone an idiot is abuse. Attack the post, not the poster.

    Pointless Threads & Posts
    Any pointless thread or post will result in the thread being locked or the post deleted. You can be banned for this. Think before you post.

    Arguing with a Mod
    Do not argue with a mod in a thread after they have given a warning or a ban etc. If you have an issue with a mod's action then PM the mod in question. They will discuss it with you. You can then, if unsatisfied with the PM route, take it to the Help Desk.
    Commenting on-thread regarding a mod decision is also a bannable offence. If you wish to comment – PM the mod.

    Registering a New Account to Circumvent a Ban
    This will get all accounts site-banned.

    Reporting Posts
    If you have a problem with a post, use the "Report Bad Post" link to report it to the moderators. Do not take it on yourself to regulate the forum. Back-seat modding will result in a ban.

    Dispute Resolution Procedure
    If you have a problem with an action of one of the forum moderators, please follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

    Topics/posts that contain advertising will be deleted and user banned. If you wish to advertise on email

    You can contact by using the contact page -

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