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Gambling - Challenges/Logs Sub Forum Charter

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    This is a sub forum of Gambling designed to accommodate people who wish to have a thread detailing their gambling exploits. Type of threads that belong here:
    • My Betting Blog
    • I offer advice on a sport
    • This is what I'm betting on now
    • I want to turn €5 into €5000 in 3 months
    • etc, etc

    All other Gambling related threads go into the main forum. Here is a quote of the main Gambling forum charter. This should cover all the generic rules that are in place to keep the forum ticking over. Apart from the thread type restrictions, there are no special rules that exist only in this subforum.
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    Gambling Forum Charter. Special thanks to cson for writing a large part of the text below.

    Read this first and don’t gamble on getting a ban!

    • The Gambling Forum is for discussion of all things gambling. However, where there is a different forum on boards for a topic, such as Poker, Horse Racing, or Greyhound Racing, items may be moved to the relevant forum at the moderators discretion.

    •As with every forum on, there are rules, and breaking these rules could result in a warning or a ban. Do not do any of the following:

    1. Posting off topic. These threads will be deleted, and a ban may be handed out at the mods discretion.
    2. Outbursts of personal abuse/racism/hissy fits/sarcastic jibes/newbie bashing etc. will not be tolerated. These posts will be deleted, and for most of these offences a ban will follow at the mods discretion.
    3. Pimping sites or spamming. This is usually something that displeases the powerful types. Do this at your peril.
    4. Referral code pimping. This is an extension of rule 3. Wise posters use their signatures, but do not put the code in there either. Code available, PM for details, etc, etc.

    If a post offends you or you think it is inappropriate to this forum please use the report post function. Do not get involved in slagging matches on the thread as this may get you in trouble too.

    •The third rule of the Gambling forum is you do not afterpost. The fourth rule of the Gambling forum is you do not afterpost. The fifth rule of the gambling forum…. You get the idea. Afterposting is coming on here telling everybody about how much you won off a 12 fold accumulator. Unless you posted it on the forum beforehand, no-one cares. It’s very frowned upon around these parts.

    •When posting a selection/tip please give a reasoning and background to the tip. In other words, don’t come on and say “Stick the house on XXXX to win, it’s a sure thing”. That sort of phrasing is not constructive, so is likely to earn a warning at least.

    •Using the write-ups of others from different websites in an attempt to pass it on as your own is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from the forum. If you can't add your own reasoning to your selections, don't post it.

    • is a private body, as such don’t post possibly libellous posts. You don’t have free speech. You don’t have free advertising either, so no commercial posts. Spam is not a type of food around here and will result in your banning. Possibly permanently.

    •Moderators decision is final. If you have a problem with a moderator, take it to (a) Helpdesk or (b) Feedback. These can be found in the “Sys” drop down menu.

    •If someone posts a tip/selection (with a reasoning behind it) and it loses, do not abuse them. Believe it or not you didn’t have to follow the tip.

    In Running Bets - are no longer permitted in the challenges/log section without a screenshot following the post. You may still post IR bets minus a screenshot in the Football section, NBA thread.. etc etc but if they're to be counted towards a logs record, then the selection must be followed by a screenshot (as soon as possible) or warnings may follow. Your bet stakes are not required to be visible, as they're nobodies business, but the bet type, time of placing and odds must be visible.

    • Gambling can be a problem, and while the majority of topics on these boards will be for fun, if you allow yourself to get to obsessed with it, gambling can change your life for the worst. There are organisations that can help if you think you or a loved one may have a problem. If in doubt, then seek help here :

    Please see the post below to help decide if you may have a problem.


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