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Safari 4 - Privacy nightmare?

  • 12-10-2009 4:53pm
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    I installed Safari 4 today, only because I had to, to use the App Store, in iTunes, for my iPhone. (sigh)

    Between the "innovative" Top Sites feature (cough cough OPERA! cough cough) and the various caches, (both accessable and hidden), I'm a bit concerned about my privacy when using Safari to download pornography, etc.

    Does anyone know of a free little application which will clear Safaris muddy footprints, without having to go to much effort?



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    Launch Safari.

    In the Menu Bar, select "Safari > Reset Safari..."

    Tick the required boxes and click the "Reset" button.

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    Just use the Private Browsing mode. It's in the Safari menu.

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    Ahhhh, ok. Cool. Thanks.