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What is going on??? am i seen UFO's

  • 08-10-2009 6:01pm
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    OK guys i am new here and need to start asking questions. Two weeks ago myself and a friend were waiting for a bus in Brookfield in Tallaght and to our amazement we seen a large ball of fire traveling in a smooth direction with the sounds of a very quiet engine, it was under the clouds and definitely was not a plane nor helicopter. it moved off over the Dublin mountains the strange thing was were were at the bus stop for over 40 minutes and did not see any other flights of any kind going anywhere near where we spotted it. So last night myself and the girlfriend were driving home from Arklow on the M50 and i noticed the same thing again only it was over Balrothery/Tymon area, and it moved in very unusual directions, i am not the only one to have seen this and its very very unusual! I'm not a big sci fi fan or anything and i just don't know what to think of this, has anybody else seen anything unusual????

    Shane Walsh


  • Registered Users Posts: 41 BloatedPope

    There've been a few reports of UFO sightings around Dublin lately. I remember years ago, seeing something fairly similar in Co. Clare. No ****ing idea what they are

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4 emeraldweb

    I think its crazy that there so obvious in the sky and so low down at times and people never say anything about them, i almost feel like an idiot telling people!

  • Moderators, Music Moderators Posts: 10,093 Mod ✭✭✭✭humberklog

    You could well feel more like an idiot if you thought it was intelligent life form from another planet though. As more than likely it wasn't and it was these: Chinese Lanterns.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4 emeraldweb

    It was not chinese lanterns, i know what they look like. and hundreds of people seen the same thing.

  • Registered Users Posts: 41 BloatedPope

    humberklog wrote: »
    You could well feel more like an idiot if you thought it was intelligent life form from another planet though. As more than likely it wasn't and it was these: Chinese Lanterns.

    No one said anything about alien life. It could well have been chinese lanterns, the point is, we don't know

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4 emeraldweb

    well ok i will explain when myself and my friend first seen it you caould see it and hear it very very clearly, i seen chinese lanterns before and it was not that, it was making a a strange sound a flew in a very straight line towards the Dublin Mountains.

    When myself and the missus seen it we were in the car on the M50, the light was very bright and it was lower down we slowed the car down and followed it and we could see it very clearly again, and that night people were writing in on FM 104 saying they seen it also and it was verified that it was not Chinese lanterns or Fireworks.

    Its just one of those mysterys...

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,514 ✭✭✭Sleipnir

    emeraldweb wrote: »

    Yeah, I have a basic grasp English but I'm the idiot.

    Anyway, back on topic, how did FM104 verify that it wasn't Chinese lanterns or fireworks? I'm dying to know. Helicopter?

  • Registered Users Posts: 22,693 ✭✭✭✭The Hill Billy

    emeraldweb banned for a week. HB

  • Registered Users Posts: 41 BloatedPope

    Was it Adrian Kennedy? I'm sure he got plenty of calls about it to share but I doubt it was actually verified.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 9,535 ✭✭✭KTRIC

    Myself and my brother seen exactly the same thing in broad daylight in North East Dublin about 20 years ago. A couple of people on the street witnessed it.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,671 ✭✭✭lintdrummer

    Could it be ball lightning? Google
    My father saw this very rare weather phenomenon years ago. He was only about 11 and lived on a rural farm. A neighbour had had a baby and he and some others went to visit her.

    They were all sitting in the kitchen when a ball of light about the size of a football passed through a window travelling quite quickly and went straight through the room out another window without causing any damage.

    The mother, being a good catholic woman, assumed the object was the soul of her new born baby and ran screaming to the bedroom thinking the child had died. Which it hadn't.

    Of course, they don't know what it was, but my father puts it down to ball lightning.

  • Registered Users Posts: 162 ✭✭MikeyCdublin

    I seen it myself driving through the town it went towards finglas.It cudnt be lanterns as it has a light engine sound

  • Registered Users Posts: 22,693 ✭✭✭✭The Hill Billy

    In November 2009 - really? :)

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