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H.Dip Economics UCC

  • 07-10-2009 9:21pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ Chester85

    Hi, I am a recent science graduate. I am seriously considering applying for the H.Dip in Economics from UCC. Has anybody done this course or know anything about it? Is this course well regarded or is a basic BA in Economics seen to be far better than a H.Dip by employers/academia?

    Thanks for your help


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    I did that course 2 years ago after graduating with a science degree. It is a good course, bit pricey tho. I went on to do the MBS and I'm just out of that and have had no problems getting interviews etc for business like positions.

    Why do you want to leave the science side of things? Do you just want to do the HDip or continue on to a masters?

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    Hi, Thank you for the response. I guess being in a lab just isn't for me and I find economics very interesting. I would probably do an MSc. after that as I think it would be essential to get a good job. How long does the Msc take?

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    Masters in Economics take a year.

    A H.Dip followed by an M.A./M.Sc. is your best bet to get into the profession, I imagine. You may even be able to jump straight into the M.A. depending on what your undergrad is in. If it's Physics or Computer Science, some M.A. programmes will accept you straight away.

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    I'm a pharmaceutical I don't think that my course would be mathematical enough to go staright into an MA. In the current economic climate would it be advisable to go into this area or are there still good prospects for people with an MA in Economics?


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    There are no jobs anywhere this year, from what I can see. Economics has been hard-hit because the government aren't hiring anyone and neither are the banks.

    The market will have picked up a good bit in two years, but you're going to face a lot of competition (if only from the lagged entrants from this year and so on.)

    The prospects also depend on what you want to do and if you strictly want to stay in Ireland or not. What do you want to do? Do you want to be an economist? (The answer to that one requires you to know what an economist does, and many people have the wrong answer to that one.)

    There are/will be jobs out there though, yes.

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    I think I would use the H.Dip + MA as a stepping stone to go into a bank or stockbroking firm. I'm thinking that it would be a great start to such a career as it would give me a great grounding. To be honest I'm exploring my options and using the internet to find out as much as possible about the career options from such programes. I wouldn't be too worried about staying in Ireland. I have a pretty good grasp of German so that could help in getting a job in Europe.

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    The HDip takes a normal academic year,any masters is a full 12 months.
    I've had a fairly positive reaction on the jobs front since I started applying a few weeks ago.
    Hopefully will move jobs in a few weeks.

    The options have been excellent, sales, banking positions especially.

    Have a look at the recruitment fair in UCC next week to get a feel for the kind of jobs you could get.

    If you have any other questions about the HDip let me know!

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    Thanks very much. I'll have a look around and if I have any queries i will let u know.